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What the heck?? I frequent Hobby Lobby for net fabric (I make scrubbies). On the average visit I purchase 60 yards of the netting. So today I wanted, in only one of the colors out of 10, 4 yards cut 3 times. I was told they could not cut it but only once - a full 12 yards because of store policy. What?! Well, because it would have been a pain in the butt for me to recut, I got just the 4 yards....instead of 12. They said I could leave & come... Read more

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I brought $5,000+ in one of a kind historical memorabilia to this store for framing that cost nearly $1,000. They forced me to make 5 forty mile round trips to pick up all of my items or pay an extra $400. They would not apply the coupon to more than one item despite the fact that I was quoted prices that included such discount. I understand the coupon policy but framing is a different animal. Who spends $1,000 at Hobby Lobby? I am one of the... Read more

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I had the same situation happened two days in a row. I went to Hobby Lobby here in San Antonio yesterday on 281 in Stone Oak..I purchase some items that were on sale 50% off. I told the cashier at the time that they were all 50% off. When they rang up the items they didnt ring them up separately. They put them all together. Before I left the store I wanted to check my receipt to make sure everything was charged correct and it wasn't. They did... Read more

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I shop at hobby lobby a couple times a week and I am so sick of the customer service and the attitudes from the people who work there. I get off work at 7:30 so I don't have much time and I get dirty looks every time I walk in that late. Then they dim the lights 5 minutes before closing and left them so I could barely see what I was trying to find. They made the final call that the store was closed and I was still trying to find the item but... Read more

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When I visit Hobby Lobby I expect a Christian atmosphere and outstanding customer service. When I was checking out I was NOT greated by the cashier as she was too preoccupied with speaking to another cashier. When I asked a question about my 40% coupon I was brushed off as if I should have known the answer. On other visits to this same store I have noticed it very difficult to get someone to help you. they tend to walk past you without so much... Read more

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was shopping and used their wheelchair that had basket attached, was big enough for 3 of me I weigh 95lbs. went to material dept and have never been treated so rudely I had a very hard time getting the bolts off of the racks and the employee saw how much trouble I was having and didnt even ask if I needed help. I know she saw me because she looked right at me. I then asked very nicely if she knew of a special type of lace I was looking for and... Read more

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We are about a 45 minute drive from your Tucson store. We had met up with our family to have dinner together and I thought after dinner we would stop into your store and see by chances "IF" your store carried a certain product we needed. Well upon arriving to your store, the first thing I checked was your hours pasted to the windows. GREAT! So I looked to see you would be closing at 8pm which meant I had 8 minutes to find the product I need.... Read more

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Had the worst customer service expirence. The cashier was so rude that I left my purchase at the register, left and bought my items at Michaels.

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I have several issues with this store. Every week, I get emails with the subject line "free shipping ends today" or "free shipping". When you open it, it's ALWAYS the same's free shipping if you spent $59 or more! If you check on any other day, it's still $59 min. to get free shipping anyway. So what's the gimmick here? I hate their attitude that they are very Christian and moral etc, yet they play such gimmicks. They certainly... Read more

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The CUSTOMERS are the rude ones!

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