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Monday Jan 17th myself and one other members of my 50plus bloggers club entered your store and selected items that we assumed were 30 and 50%off. We were shocked when our purchases came way over the price we intisapaded.

When we went to the refund and customer sevice desk to question this, your cashier was to busy and we were treated very disrespecptful. Hobby Lobby will be put number one on our list of stores not to visit on our list. We were shorted $11.00 and the problem was not taken care of.

We were also told she had no time to check to see if this was correct because she was checking out customers, we thought she was there to handle these types of things not check out customers and treat them badly. Our 50 plus buyers beware will shop at Michaels from now on.

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Worthington, Ohio, United States #685657

I dont know why we bother putting up signs. Noone reads them correctly.

One sign on an isle does not mean the whole isle is on sale.

A sale bin does not mean everything is that price or deal, customers just throw anything in there, we are not super human and 'sense' that someone just threw a $59 item in the 99cent bin, we clean up all day long but cannot keep up 100%. Also, there are way more scammers than ever and it makes sense to upset a few customers rather than get scammed by the hundreds.


I frequent Hobby Lobby, Michaels and Joann's and I have treated rudely by clerks at all 3 stores, the reason being that women are jealous of each other, I do not know what causes this, but you can tell by their faces that they are not happy that you are shopping there. Especially at the cutting counter, they do not sew or craft and are very bitter when you ask them to cut anything.

They look like they need a bottle of Kaopectic! I am sorry to complain, but stay home, if you do not want to help someone, even though that is your job!


:eek You must not have a life your on the internet. Worring about what I say GET A LIFE and ACT YOUR AGE **** off


Guess what Granny, I am old! And I don't have cataracts, dementia, or hemorrhoids.

I am 72 and sick and tired of my generation acting like idiots. You people act like these young people are your servants.

Get a life and learn to read the ads GRANNY! *** YOU!!!!


I hope hater of the old gets hemriods and cateracacts also dementia or dies young



I hope hater of the old gets hemriods and cateracacts also dementia or dies young



Someday you people are going to get old and I hope you get caterracks and dementia also hemroids. :eek


S T U P I D *** I N G old people! Get a life and learn to read ads!


Hey, Ronda, ripping the tag off the shelf will do nothing. Hobby Lobby doesn't have scanners.

All it does is cause the department head to get berated by the managers, district managers, and even corporate for not having a tag. I work at a Hobby Lobby in Texas and I get so *** sick and tired of customers acting like we associates are their personal slaves/shoppers! Not everything is on sale folks. Learn to read the ads.

And it is mostly the over fifty people who act like this. The customers are the ones who treat us like trash.


They treated me bad because i wasn't dressed nice. I heard them say i smelled.




Next time I shop at hobby lobby i will rip the tag off the shelf and take it with me to the register. :( :(

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