this is so petty but it really annoys me to be subjected to christian hymns over the sound system.

san antonio store on bitters road. no music would be preferable. call me crazy, but

i prefer secular music in a secular setting. it is highly offensive to those who might not

be of the christian faith. i always wonder what the owners would think if they were

subjected to islamic music while they shop. believe as you wish, but please do not

force feed it to others. and just for the record, i am a dyed in the wool lifetime episcopalian

and know all the words to all the songs. its still offensive.

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You’re of that ilk who would complain if hanged with new rope.


At least you don’t have to cover your children’s ears when they shop with you in Hobby Lobby for fear of a four letter word blurting out. The music is beautiful, relaxing and calming and I appreciate the stores Christian values.

How refreshing considering the world of unhappy people today that there is a place where the environment you shop in promotes love and joy through music. Find your happy place!


Maybe you should shop elsewhere if it troubles so much. Better yet open your own store and you can run it how you like.

In the meantime let the owner of Hobby Lobby run their store like they prefer. And yes, you're petty.


Most of the customers are either christian or agnostic like me. The music I heard when lastin the store was a beautifully performed and had no vocals.

The music was soft and relaxingand having a christian background it was familiar to me. Someone with no backgroundwould not recognize it but would enjoy it.

Nobody forces you to shop there:)

That's why I DO NOT shop there! If I want to hear that type of music I'll go to church.

El Dorado, Arkansas, United States #1353986

I enjoy the music played by Hobby Lobby when I am shopping there. It is 100% improvement of what I usually hear in many stores. Thank you for playing what you play and please continue to do so and also play it in your new store that is soon opening in El Dorado, Arkansas.

North Richland Hills, Texas, United States #1332671

Love the music!! It is so soothing!!


I am always delighted and uplifted when I notice the music being played in a public establishment honors God. I suffer through the obnoxious noise pollution in the majority of other public establishments.

btw, I came across this post in search of "Hobby Lobby music".


That's why there is a handle on the front door you have to physically pull it to open the door and walk in no one is forcing you to be inside of Hobby Lobby. This is not the only store who plays music overhead, a majority of them do this today.

I am sorry that you find Hobby Lobby's music annoying find it rather relaxing. I am surprised though that you are even familiar with these songs since most of them are instrumental and have no words, apparently some time in your life you were subjected to these hymns.

Naples, Florida, United States #1208418

You are in a Christian owned store, that plays religious themed music. And yes, that is petty.

San Diego, California, United States #1208412

Okay, you may count my survey that I do like the instrumental music they play . Too bad I didn't have this phone with me today as there was a most excellent trumpet song played and I do not know what it is called. I play trumpet by the way.

San Diego, California, United States #1208411

so they like religious themed songs....so what? No one is making you stay and shop.

Feel free to sing Episcopelian themed songs to yourself while in the store if you want so you don't feel so left out or simply not shop there until they stop playing their goat music. If they play Islamic music, that would be most excellent.

Wahallahu- wahalla-wahalleihu salam salam!

Sugar Land, Texas, United States #1198992



Then don't shop at a Christian store.


it's instrumental...you're an ***


The music at hobby lobby is too loud and annoying. A lot of the music is what you here at funerals.

How depressing. The saxophones are obnoxious. There is another song that a guy hums . Annoying!

The only people that may enjoy the music are the elderly who are about to die! When they are dead, nobody will like the music. Change the music! If you going to do Christian music, then play it with words, not annoying instrumental!

Take a survey for people's comments! Find out what people are really thinking!

Please the public! Thanks

to Anonymous #1513253

Actually, I am nowhere near dead and I love that music. A little judgy, aren’t you?


I love the music at Hobby Lobby. The music adds an element to the shopping experience that I find very pleasant.

It is beautiful instrumental music that should not offend anyone.

Hobby Lobby is a Christian company, The offended (are those who are "worried" that others may be offended) have the choice to shop else where. I find your prejudice against Christians offensive.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #896271

It is every person's right to run their home and business in how they see fit. So, who are you to say that they don't have rights?!

If you don't like them, don't visit. If you keep pushing then you may lose your freedom to how you run yours too.

This is no different than "no shirt, no shoes, no service", another choice that many businesses use to keep half dressed customers out of their store - which began when thieves got dressed in the store and walk out without paying.

It's their right to run their business anyway they choose. Then, it's more about preference than more profit.

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