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Ok so on Oct 17th I go a letter from Hobby Lobby. Saying - Thank you for taking the time to write to us.

I do apologize for the experience you had while shopping at the store. This is not the type of service we want our customers to receive. I have forwards your comments to the appropriate corporate personal for Aurora Co location to be addressed. In the retail business there are many elements that combine to create a successful organization and none are as important as customer service.

Your feedback on the performance of our stores is very important Thanks you for that the time to tell us about your experience with our company. So still not resolved.

Original review posted by user Sep 26, 2018

My name is Terry I have been a long time customer of your store. I use you products a lot for my work at a nursing facility.

I had a major issue at you Aurora, Colorado location on Friday Aug. 31st 2018. That I feel needs to be brought to you attention with what I now know. The Manager of the store.

I was shopping in your store as I usually do and was looking for some items that I needed for work. I do have a cart that I take with me as I do not drive and use public transportation. While shopping I recall hearing a call over the intercom for a security check but did not pay much attention to it. I did notice as I went on with my shopping that the same gentleman seem to be in all the locations that I was at and felt a bit uncomfortable but went on as it was possible just my imagination.

You can confirm this thru the camera system as it as around the 2pm time frame as my receipt stated 2:16pm when I checked out.

So here is when the major problem occurred. As I was at the checkout lane this same gentleman (who I know as Eric Homes), came up behind me and I noticed he was pulling my personal cart out of the Hobby Lobby shopping cart. He then said to me “Let me help you with this” and I thanked him for what I thought was an act of kindness. So I went on with my check out then I saw out of the corner of my eye that he was quickly rummaging thru my cart. When I turned and looked at him he said that he had dropped his pen in it when he was getting it out of the Hobby Lobby shopping cart. I then felt strange and noticed that this was the same person who seemed to be wherever I was at in the store. Then I saw him head over to the door and was still watching me. As I was heading toward the door after my checkout, he was staring at me and I asked him if there was a problem. He said that he had seen me take some items out of the jewelry section and some small bags on the camera system and that I had not paid for them. I told him that I had not wanted those items and placed them on another shelf in the store and told him the general area. At this point I was a bit upset. I then said do you need to look in my purse you have already went thru my cart before I checked out. He then said “do you fell I need to go thru your purse? Is there something that I should see?”. At this time I was shaken and offended. You should be able to see on the many cameras if I had taken something especially if he was following me around the store like he was. Again this was bothering me greatly offended me. As I worked my way home it bothered me more and more as he had went thru my personal property without my permission before I had even checked out. I feel violated. I also am sure that this is quite illegal as I was not told what he was doing and he went in my personal bag without telling me he was doing so. I would have personally felt better and been much more open if he had approached me in that manner with a security guard or police officer. He was very unprofessional about how he handled this who thing.

After I told this to my Brother he brought me back to the store around 5pm and had me return what I had purchased. He did relay to Natalie (the assistant manager), his concerns in the legalities of this and also that I would not loner be doing business there. She was also informed that I would be contacting the corporate office and posting this on social media outlets.

I did find out that this type of thing has happed at your stores before so it looks like it may be your policy on how you approach people and I feel that others need to be made aware of this.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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