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I brought in a canvas to be stretched. A week after it was due, it wasn't done.

I talked to the frame manager who promised it the next day. When picked up, they never put in the cross support brace and I was treated horribly!!!!! The manager stated she couldn't be expected to know how to put together every stretcher bar! If so, she shouldn't be the framing manager, stretcher bars are not rocket science.

She told be the cross brace was too short to use. I had given them brackets for the brace which had been dropped behind something. If she couldn't use the cross brace, she should have called me and I could have told her there were brackets so it could have been properly assembled. When I got home I put it aside as I was upset with the treatment I had received.

I unwrapped it 2 days later to find the canvas had been damaged - it had gotten wrinkled during stretching which caused a crack in the ink on the surface of the giclee so I cannot sell it. I immediately called and brought it back. The store manager said nothing but "this is now a corporate matter" and then I waited. The claim was refused since I had it home a couple days even though it was still in the original wrapping except for where I had started to open it and saw the damage.

They claim I damaged it. It is not possible to crease and crumple a stretched canvas! I brought this to their attention and they now claim I must have damaged it before bringing it in!!!! If this were the case, I would have expected the framing manager would have called me and told me it was damaged rather than completing the job and sending it home all wrapped up.

I have repeatedly asked to speak with the district manager who is denying my claim. Nobody will give me his/her contact information. Rather, the corporate person in charge of this case said she will forward my email to the DM - of course I have not been contacted and my requests for direct contact information have been ignored. This canvas costs me $250 that I have now lost due to this store's ineptitude and Hobby Lobby's horrible Customer Service.

They damaged my property and are trying to say I did it! It is truly awful how they can treat someone this way.

I did nothing wrong but trust them to first handle my property with care, perform a service, be honest, and when all else happened, do the right thing. I will never shop there again!

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Yes, as Rachel said, the framer taking your order is obligated to list a full description of the item(s) being framed, including their condition. If it says "Good condition", or does not indicate that there is any visible damage, then your item is assumed to be in excellent condition at the time it's accepted by the store.

Hobby Lobby covers items being framed for loss or damage up to a $250 liability. If this is the case, you should contact corporate YOURSELF, andyou WILL eventually be reimbursed.


After it was denied twice, I finally got them to let me meet with the lead corporate framer who was able to fix it. It was an easy fix.

Too bad they had to make me fight so hard for their mistake. In the end, my canvas is okay but I still feel this was handled horribly and will not shop there again.

It really is too bad that the framing manager didn't call the lead framer for advice when it happened. She would have fixed it and none of this would have happened.


Look on your pink copy of your framing ticket it has a line that ask the description and condition of your canvas if it was damaged they would have written it on the ticket.

to rachel #775549

Not always. If we are rushed and harried, working during the holidays for example,..and trying to deal with half a dozen customers at once,..these things get overlooked.

Hobby Lobby needs to completely revamp the staffing, scheduling, and duties of their frame shop employees.

It should be more like a real frame shop where you have 1 or 2 people at the front desk to consult with people and write up their orders. At least 2 people cutting mats, glass, etc.

and assembling frame orders. Instead of the current skeleton crew setup which over-extends everyone and tries everyone's patience.

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