i went to the Hobby Lobby on greenfield mesa, AZ

I went to the area another employee pointed out. very nice person.

When I got there - an employee named Chris looked at me and walked away with NO statement that she was busy and would return - no statement AT ALL. Not even a hello !!! I will be be back soon - she had her head in a blue bucket and that is all that was on her mind.

I have worked in AZ for 14 yrs. as a sales person, Men's Clothing Manager for Rob May - an assistant manager and Manager for Draper's and Damon's, and in TJ MAX as a Coordinator and Office Accountant.

The time of this was 11/16/2011 @ 6:15 P.M.

Review about: Hobby Lobby Manager.

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I worked for Hobby Lobby, all employees are taught that they MUST greet each shopper that they come face to face with. As an employee you are expected to at least say hello and ask if the customer needs any assistance before continuing with a task. Sadly though I found that once the store has been open for awhile (1yr or more) the company rarely enforces any of their "customer service" policies.


Did you actually state that you needed help or just expect the sales associate to read your mind? Chris probably had to go wipe up spill in order to make sure no one tripped or to clean up a mess another customer made. Give her a break!

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