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Yesterday I was in the Waite Park store and one customer became angry about the long line at the check out lanes. There was only “1” cashier.

The customer went up to the male employee who was standing up front with several female employees. They were in a conversation which didn’t seem important at the time and all of them were laughing and by their body language were just hanging out. The upset customer asked the male employee if he was the manager and he replied yes. She pointed out to him the long line of customers and then counted the “5” employees who were just standing there next to him.

It seemed a little rude of her cause she was a little loud in telling him but she spoke the truth!! I’ve been a regular customer at this store and there are always employees standing around in front of the store basically doing nothing. I have had to stand in long lines because of the “1” open register. Staff can see the long lines but don’t do anything about it!

That’s poor management and inconsiderate to customers! Even tho I was uncomfortable hearing and seeing how the female customer handled the situation yesterday, I still applaud her for stepping out to confront this stores manager. I hope he discussed this matter with the employees afterwards and spoke especially with the girls about their rude expressions when this lady spoke out. They were unprofessional.

Neither the manager or female staff apologized for their ignorance.

They’re there to serve the customers. Isn’t that what they get paid for?!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Most employees who are at the front and don't do anything is because they can't just go on the register. Only certain people can go on registers.

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