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Friday, June 2, 2017 I have a number of complaints about store associates' attitudes at the Bridgeton, Missouri store, but I'm going to stick with the experience I had this evening for now. Just prior to the announcement at 7:45 that the store would be closing, a store associate came down my aisle straightening the shelf items.

At everything she encountered that was out of place she expelled a heavy, exasperated sigh. Very distinguishable, and just short of groans. She would pick things up and slap them into place. She increased her level of exasperation the longer I was in her aisle, and caused me to have to maneuver around her to see or pick up an item.

She even picked up and dropped all the dowel rods, making a loud crash with each bunch, seemingly just to make a point. Seriously? Do the dowel rods really need straightened? At checkout I mentioned that the lady straightening the woodcraft area was very unhappy and obviously did not like her job.

The checker proceeded to tell me the associate worked two jobs and had a very stressful day. I get that. I have compassion. Where I draw the line is the attitude that because you're unhappy you have to tell everyone around you or make their problem your problem.

I'm sorry you're unhappy. If I can help you I will. But not when you are a disgruntled store associate & I'm trying to hurry up and make a selection so that I don't get glares from the rest of the employees because it's too close to 8. To make excuses for a store associate with a bad attitude is INEXCUSABLE!

On an additional note, the checker was telling a new associate in a mocking tone how everyone rushes to the front as soon as the announcement plays that the store is closing. I understand you close at 8, but there is a very distinct negative and shaming attitude toward anyone that's not rushing to the front at a quarter till 8. It's ridiculous and NOT customer friendly. >>> Please relay these complaints to the store manager.

I can promise you, you don't get that attitude at Michaels. Go there and ask questions to see for yourselves. They are always glad for your business and take personal responsibility for their knowledge and service. Their customer service over the years - no matter what store I go to - far exceeds Hobby Lobby's.

I've been going to these two stores for many years (in 3 states) and Michaels always has superior customer service. Very rarely do I find friendly or knowledgeable customer service at Hobby Lobby. I'm not going to pull the religion card here, but it certainly doesn't promote your highly advertised values.

That's what is truly shameful and hypocritical. Signed, Someone who spends a lot money at craft stores.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I work for Hobby Lobby, many of our employees are very knowledgable and helpful to our customers. Maybe it was justy at that particular Hobby Lobby?

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