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I purchased furniture with a tag that reads, hobby lobby warehouse reorder furniture $149.99.

Furniture Always 30% off, Your price is $104.99 . My 40% coupon was refused at their Always (which indicates their regular price) price and even when speaking with a manager I was told their computer system wouldn't allow another adjustment- really?

As If they have never had to do an override or take additional off due to damaged merchandise! Their total lack of customer focus and doing the right thing was appalling. I even got the same attitude from their corporate customer service.

Will not shop there again! Maybe they need to read the definition of Always ( at all times, on all occasions).

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Coupon.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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I was thinking the exact same thing when I was recently looking at some furniture in their store. It’s MDF... should be discounted!


also, it’s stating it’s always on sale. which means it’s marked down.

they are basically saying let’s mark some furniture/plants at 30% off instead of letting people get 40% off because we’d be losing more money. if you want cheap $30 furniture go to craigslist. no one cares about your complaint.

they did nothing wrong and broke no laws. you’re embarrassing yourself and the people of america.


why did you buy it if you’re gonna complain that you didn’t get 70% off.


It looks like Hobby Lobby creates its own definition for "always." It always seems to be the companies that display phony morality that attempt to take advantage of its customers. You must watch for wolves in sheep's clothing.

Buyer beware, especially when the seller holds its family out to be such fine Christian examples.

How can we forget how HL was caught illegally smuggling ancient artifacts stolen by terrorists? Hypocrites!


I doubt you will never shop there again. It's obvious you are a cheap *** Hobby lobby is probably one of the cheapest craft to go to.

So stop trying to find loopholes to discounted *** If there is no loopholes and you have no money then don't spend. Real smart.


The 40% coupon states it only applies to a regular priced item. If the furniture is discounted 30% then Hobby Lobby should give you an additional 10% off if you use the coupon or 40% off the full retail price.Otherwise they are saying that an already discounted item cannot be adjusted as it is already discounted in their system and they cannot adjust price after the fact. Which is a lie and is indeed deceptive.

to Buruko #1490196

I understand Hobby Lobby no longer accepts coupons at all on the furniture, probably because it was too deceptive and too many lawsuits.


I'm sure these lawyers would like to hear about your experience.


Trussville, Alabama, United States #1299772

Hobby Lobby entered a settlement regarding these type issues with the state of New York. A class action lawsuit is presently pending in Alabama for this type deceptive practice.

Palmetto, Florida, United States #1254659

Their 30% offf furniture is the coupon, like many stores you cannot use a coupon on top of another coupon. My store will let you use a 40% off coupon instead of the 30% so you can save an additional 10%.

to Anonymous #1299775

I understand the point. Hobby Lobby has made up a price and gives you a discount off a price for which they have NEVER sold the item.

If you do the math the supposed 40% off is really only about 12% off the EVERYDAY price. That is a very effective but deceptive marketing technique. It is taught and studied at most business schools.

Many customers think they are getting a 40% off bargain and buy. These same customers would not likely buy for only a 15% discount.

to Michelle9040 #1305126

No this is not taught at most business schools lol.


Hobby Lobby doesn't have scanners and there is literally have no way of changing the price for you. They have a single button.

Apparently you have never worked retail. You either get 30% or 40% off. Not 70%.

Sorry to break it to you, but no store does that. Especially when you are rude.

to Anonymous #1299774

I would like to have more information regarding your understanding of the point of sale computer system. Your information seems to contradict sworn testimony of Hobby Lobby's IT representative in a federal lawsuit for deceptive marketing.


I'm surprised at the people defending Hobby Lobby in this case. And I'm usually a fan of theirs.

The coupon says 40% off their REGULAR price. Just because they call it their "sale" price, in this case, it is not a SALE price. It is their REGULAR price, every day, all the time. They let you know what might be called the "list" price (anyone in retail knows this could easily be an elevated price, but that's beside the point), what another store may charge you, to show that their price is better.

They are stating this IS their REGULAR price, which is great.

However, when a coupon becomes available for any "regular priced item", the furniture should be included in this unless it's already been discounted from THEIR regular price for some reason (i.e. damage) or if the coupon says it does not include furniture.


What you are missing is that if every item of furniture hobby lobby sells is 30% off warehouse prices EVERY DAY, then that is really their regular price. It isn't a sale.

It is a scam. I mean, goodness, most of us have worked in enough retail at one point or another to know that a sale price is one that is changed regularly with sales ads or holiday specials etc.

Putting one price and then striking through it to put another then selling it for that EVERY day is not a sale. Pure and simple.

to hmmm #1081352

That was in response to Kerri, the former cashier at HL below. It keeps posting in the wrong place.


Your misunderstanding about the policy is not "dishonest advertising." The coupon is only used for regular priced items. Read your coupon, or if you are unable to have someone who is able to read the terms on the coupon for you.

This person does not seem to know the definition of "regularly priced" and should invest in a dictionary. I see there are a few people on here that cannot understand simple English and should invest in a dictionary.

One is even considering taking legal action over a term that they do not know. I have some free legal advice for you learn the terms and rules of their discounts before wasting money and losing in court.

to Anonymous #1529892

Should one invest in a dictionary?

Mansfield, Ohio, United States #999963

If the item is Always 30% off then that is the regular price.

Take it up with your state attorney general.

This is really a bate and switch type of thing. Kind of 1970!

This company holds out that they are Christian, therefore they should avoid the appearance of dishonesty or deception.

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