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I used a gift card at Hobby Lobby. Upon returning the items without the card, I was told that the refund had to go back on the card.

I returned with the card and was then told by the cashier that the refund would be made in cash. The manager was summoned and he told me that the refund had to be made onto an exchange card. All I wanted was the money to go back onto the card. He also told me that the register did not have the capability to do this type of refund.

Hobby Lobby does not have this return policy posted and upon speaking to two people at the corporate office, I was informed that this is not the policy and the manager should have put the refund back onto the gift card. This manager was rude to me, embarassed me and lied to me.

His business tactic is unethical and unfair the the consumer. I was a loyal Hobby Lobby shopper and I will never conduct business there again.

Review about: Hobby Lobby Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $36.

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Told my family to quit buying me hobby lobby gift cards. Due to difficuly at register to pull up amounts on it...exchange card read zero on an exchange card as well...im done...

Independence, Ohio, United States #1232921

Bottom line is did you get a refund? Onto the old gift card, a new gift card or in cash...it shouldn't matter to you as long as you got your money back.

All it cost you was a trip home for the original gift card and maybe your feelings got hurt a little bit. Man up or woman up already.

to Anonymous Dublin, Ohio, United States #1241706

Apparently you work for the company because I had the same experience with a manager and I am a General Manager in a place of business and your customer always comes first, so treat them with respect no matter whose fault it is that being said you should mind your own business.


Your gift card was, in effect, the receipt.

You didn't take it with you, which isn't really their fault.

How were they to go what you wanted, "put the money back on the card" if you didn't bring it?

If they have a no refund without receipt policy, then they were just protecting themselves.

It seems your angry at them for your fail and deciding to punish them with bad feedback.

How could this have cost you $36? You did not say they refused to refund you, and if they did, without proof of purchase,my of have the products you bought.

Two major things about your complaint make it appear HL is not the dishonest one in this.

to Anonymous Chattanooga, Tennessee, United States #1223382

Actually I had a similar issue where I DID BRING IN MY STUFF worth $60 they did give me a gift card and I walked back to get what I was exchanging and as I walked back to the front 15 mins later they said the gift card was no good and to call the 1-800# on the card. Then the lady said "the manager refused to speak with me" so I yelled that out then he runs over to me.

So here I am 2 days later without my items and a gift card that is no good!

So keep taking up for a store that is *** and closing down (and now I see why) if it was the other way around I would have gone to jail for theft! You must work for them to be taking up for them like that.


I tried to get a gift card from the store and they told me they don't have gift cards in the store. I asked where I could get 1 and they said they didn't know try the gas station or walmart.


I don't understand. If they put the refund on an exchange card, how was it stolen?


That was one person out of thousands. Grow up already!


You're a knucklehead.


Get your panties out of a bunch, You are the *** one here not them. I'd be rude to you too you sound like a ***.






If they offered you cash back how are they trying to steal your money?


As a cashier at a Hobby Lobby for over a year, I know it cannot be true that corporate told you the money had to go back on to the same card. They most likely misunderstood your question and thought you had paid with a credit card, in which case, yes, it does go back on the card.

Once a gift card is used, it is no longer valid, meaning it cannot be reloaded in any way, and the register will give the cashier the "204 Not Valid" error code if it is slid through the register.

An exchange card is the exact same thing as a gift card, and unless the refund was under $10, it MUST go onto a store exchange card since that is technically the original form of payment and the policy states that refunds be given in the original form of payment. It is true that the register cannot process the refund back on to the original card.

to Kryst310 #1099895

I agree they misunderstood your question, or made a mistake, big difference between lying. If the child that posted this complaint made a simple error and did not intend to lie, would she like to be labeled a liar?

The child also has to learn the difference between being rude and being told no. They are not the same thing.

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