I was just hired recently for a store that is new in Sandy,Utah. They asked us to work before the opening of the new store for doing the setups of the new products and displays in order to have a permanent position there.

Thinking that being hired for the floral dept, I was going to unpack the products and put them on shelves and learn the cash register, etc.

I was shocked to find out that I had to build the metal shelves and spent 12 hrs. doing so with no tools, gloves to work with. My hands are so blistered and scratched!

I am so mad and hurt-both physically and mentally because I didn't get the job because I didn't work fast enough to build the shelves. A 56 yr.old woman shouldn't have to do the construction work of the store to sell flowers and ribbons.

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I really get tired of a company posing as Christian, when it is obvious that the title is a front used to deny their employees a livable wage, birth control, or common "Christian" kindness. I would never work for such a company that is so against having to provide insurance that provides birth control yet does not honor parenthood with decent maternity leave.

Bet they aren't against a policy that provides Viagra to men. Wouldn't work there, certainly would never shop there.



Let me tell you first of all, i am an employee of Hobby Lobby and EVERYTHING that has been said above is true. I will say I don't care about the christian portion of it.......being a christian has nothing to do with trating people right.

Our Manager works us from 7 am to whenever on the days our freight comes in. When I say whenever.....that means 9 or 10 or whatever.

Closed on Sundays.....who cares when you are to *** tired to do anything with your family. There have to be laws against this and why does Hobby Lobby not have to answer to OSHA?


I have been working through an Employment Agency at Hobby Lobby Distribution Center here in Oklahoma City for a month. I will no longer shop at Hobby Lobby, Mardels and Crafts Inc.

I have worked among many people that I would conceder heathens. I have always heard from other people that I have talked to, that hobby lobby and affiliated companies were among very good people to work for. I would have to disagree, i was sexually harassed by a man there asking about my *** size and other derogatory *** statements. I would never recommend this type of employment to anyone.

I believe most people are either unethical or being reformed from being imprisoned for a long period of time. I do not believe this company is a Christian enterprise, i was not treated in a Christian way what-so-ever, this is including management and fellow employees.


Everything these people are saying is TRUE. My boss actually hit me, HR did nothing, she's still there.

People only stay out of fear. Fear of not having a job. To Mr Hobby Guy: your wrong it IS a prison.... and that sign on every window "we're not open on Sundays so our employees can have family time and worship" WHAT A BUNCH OF LIES to make themselves look good.

We were forced to work every Sunday and I did not get paid for it , and we NEVER recieved the 48 hour (law) notice. The written schedule NEVER matched the hours actually worked. LIE LIE LIE.

When I was there, I was so stressed out and over worked I actually had a heart attack. It was the worse experience ever.


:( Thats what i feel as a wife of a manager for this company...so you can only imagine what the other half feels like working for this company that treats their employees like ***...what you do is never good enough..you work 15 to 16 hours a day and all you get is your DM telling you how crappy you do your job and that you are not committed to your work...yet your store has the best increase, best inventory, and best customer service in your district..they claim to be a Christian Company but have no Christian ethics when it comes to the people that work for them.. the DM has had many complaints filed against him for many things yet those seem to get swept under the rug ... he treats anyone who does not suck up to him awfull and will call you 10 times a day on your day for for really *** things...


My friend was actually injured from objects falling from shelving. She lost her job and finally won her workman comp case and won after Hobby Lobby's appeal.

However, they have defied several court orders to pay for past and present medical bills. She lost her home due to her injury.

I am shocked how this "Christian" company treated their employee. :cry


I worked as a stocker at the corporate store in Oklahoma City for almost two weeks. This store IS NOT Christian in any way.

While working there, you were not allowed to speak to any fellow employees. If you had a question or concern, it needed to be related to a manager only. The managers there are demeaning and cruel. No hard work there is ever rewarded with anything more than a rude "finally." I was able to talk with two employees who were promised upon hire that they would be moved to full time within three months.

(same story given to me) Both were going on a year there. Oh, and I forgot to mention that they have found one of the many ways to get around paying overtime.

My first week there (which was under part time pay) totaled at 48 hours and not one hour was docked at time and-a-half. But they sure make up for it with the whopping 15% employee discount!


Hobby Lobby is a wolf in sheep's clothing. They want all you good Christians out there to think they are everything Christ expects Christians to be.

I worked for them for years as a store manager. In that time I was overworked, maligned, treated like a stray dog. When I notified them that theft was rampant in the store among several employees, I was transferred to another store and the theft continued. The stolen goods were sold at garage sales and on e-bay.

Hobby Lobby is a perfect example of christian hypocrisy. True Christians do not treat their fellow human beings so despicably. Don't buy their Chinese junk and think you're supporting a Christian enterprise. You're supporting a corrupt, evil enterprise, the tentacles of which go all the way from Oklahoma City to the godless Republic of China.

Mr. Green, get out from under your desk where you've supposedly been praying (to whom?), open your eyes and start mending your company's ways.


Did you actually ask management why you didn't get the job or what was expected.


i to did the set up thing for a new store recently and sorry 56 yr old but if you dont want to do that work than why the *** complain about havin to do it!? its not prison

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