Shopped at Hooby Lobby, 17303 Evans St. Omaha, NE this evening.

I purchased two kinds of artist's varnish, one @ $7.99 and one @ $8.99 and several clearance tubes of artist's guoache paint. I thought it seemed a little higher than I had expected, but it wasn't that much so I didn't double check the reciept until I returned home. I called, 10 or more rings before anyone answered. The Mgr.

asked what register #. Before I could give it to him he said "No who's the cashier" so I gave him the name on the receipt and he said he'd have to aask her. He came back on the line and said "she says you bought two varnishes" I replied yes, told him the 2 prices and that she had charged me twice for the $7.99 one. He said something to the cashier, hesitated, then told me to come back with the receipt.

This is a 60 mile Roundtrip for me.

Besides after a friend directed me to google Hobby Lobby I see I will no longer be doing business with them anyway. They have a Homophobic track record and being Jewish I doubt after what I read, their own words and what others had to say, that they want Jews in their store at all.

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perhaps they could majically grant the refund if the OP was a Jewish Homo?


Don't let one incident about Hobby Lobby convince you the whole company is bad. I'm not Christian and have Jewish blood and I work at Hobby Lobby.


Wtf does homophobia and being jewish have to do with varnish and paint =/ return it and get your money back or use it =/ you wont pay any different for it at Michael's or Home Depot...


Stop reposting! We got the hint the first time you posted this petty nonsense bs.


What do you expect them to do without you coming back to the store? They can't magically grant you a refund without you going back to the store without your receipt. Have some common sense before you complain.

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