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I went to my local Hobby Lobby store I purchased three picture frame at 50% off. When I got home I only found two out of the three picture frames.

The one I was missing cost 5.99. I went back to the store spoke with the cashier who was defensive stating she put all three frames in my sack. She called the Manager to talk to me. He took my receipt and left me at the front of the store as he walk off.

I stood there for at least 20 min. He came back stated he reviewed her film inventory and she put the frame in my bag. He told me to call him on Monday if I didn’t find it. I explained I had gone through my car , my sack which was empty and why would I drive all the way back to the store if I had the frame.

So basically he called me a liar to my face. What happened to the customer always right!!!!! And why would you take a chance on losing a customer who spends hundreds of dollars at your store. The Manager and the clerk at Lake Jackson Hobby Lobby are so Rude.

They need to take some customer service classes and some anger management classes.

I will spread this far and wide letting people know my bad experience. I would add a picture but I don’t have a frame to take a picture of.

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The customer is not always right - but he/she is always the customer. For a lousy 6 bucks I would have given you another and silently placed your name in the database with a red flag in case you tried that again.

You would be satisfied, the store would be protected against repeat or attempted escalation, and they'd really only be out about $2 since the retail price was $6.

I'd drop it if I were you, it makes you sound kind of goofy to gripe too much about something so small. Yes, the company engaged in bad business and they should have realized that you drove all the way back to the store, probably using up as much in gas as the item was worth ...

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