Rude.I talked to 3 different employee.

I think 2 of them were co managers, not sure. The item that they had was not in stock. I was trying to find out what it would cost to ship and order the item from the internet. They could not help.

They refused to get on the internet and help. It is ridiculous in this day and age that this store cannot look up the internet item for a customer. Many other stores have done this or provide a computer station for the customer. Also, the employees seemed liked they hated dealing with me, the customer regarding this item.

The Hobby Lobby probably started with Christian ownership, but no Christian music was playing in that store.Also, can't imagine hating the customer like this....

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Buffalo, New York, United States #665278

There is no internet in store to look anything up. If something is not on the shelf, it is either out of stock in the main warehouse or the store is waiting for the weekly truck to arrive. If it is out of stock in the warehouse, employees have no way of knowing when (or if) the item will arrive.


I'm sorry that the employees were rude but if you have ever shopped at that store you should know that Hobby Lobby DOES NOT have scanners (except Oklahoma).There is no way for them to "look up" an item in stock.

If the item is not on the shelf it's not in stock until there next truck comes in. Don't point the finger at the employees when it's something they can't control. As for the internet, they don't have access to computers, again, something employees can't control.

I would suggest writing a letter to Mr.David Green, the CEO himself and address to him the situation.

to anonymous #616768

agree.. she's ***..


You are an *** someone to look up something for your lazy *** get a life.Some people has to work and dont have time for people like you.

Customer care has nothin to do with kissing ***.

And by the way some of their music isnt Christian but they do play some shows how much you know.You get on the internet to post this but cant look up something good grief.

to anom Cleveland, Ohio, United States #609547

A lot to wonder about here.If they are working, should they work to help the consumer find an item?

Did they ask the customer for a first name and phone number for when the item came in, since it was out-of-stock? Did hobby lobby offer to call the customer when the item came in? Did hobby lobby even order the out-of-stock item?? Did they call another local hobby lobby to see if the customer could drive there to pick up the item locally?

Does Hobby Lobby have a lot of items out of stock? Being Lazy seems to mean not doing one's job. Unintellligent arguments with thinly veiled profanity do not solve this world's problems. Other stores, will look up items on the internet at their store's customer service.

Home Depot does this in addition to all the other stores mentioned in these comments. Home depot and others have done this for me. THE OTHER STORE WAS HAPPY TO HELP ME BY LOOKING ON THEIR INTERNET PAGE FOR PRICE/SHIPPING SINCE I WASN'T HOME. It helped me determine what gas money is to be spent and where I could find the item best since it was out-of-stock.

Hobby lobby, according to employee comment here, locks its internet up in the manager's office. According to Hobby Lobby website, Christian music is exactly what is to be playing at hobby lobby. If it is not, the owners, who are Christian, should be made aware of this. The owners have my deepest sympathy for how their stores are run.

A store's business is to provide items...

YES -- I feel sorry for anyone that hates customers, yet must work customer service!!! Best wishes. Good Luck with your career at Hobby Lobby, a retail industry. Customer complaints are meant to be constructive critiscim(SP) to help business grow and run more smoothly.

I have read complaints regarding hobby lobby here on this website. I can't believe half the stuff that hobby lobby has done to its customers.

I pray for change in customer service at hobby lobby.I pray that all the customers can leave the store with a sense of peace, NOT frustration.

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to Anom #619861

What one needs to realize is that these stories are one sided.Perhaps they did offer to take their name and order them one but who would know seeing as the post didn't mention that.

The post only stated that employees that work for a store 'wouldn't help' find an item for the online store. Which is something these employees don't work with, they are paid to work in store and deal with in store issues. The online store is practically its own thing. Most Hobby Lobby store do not have scanners or a computer inventory, they do not have 'computer stations'(not that i've seen that in any store to be honest), there isn't even wifi and the only computer accessible to employees is only enabled for training videos and such.

It is not an employees job to call on EVERY single order, the customer is informed when the item will be in store and given a rain check with information including the stores number if they need help. However, most of the time they do call on the order. Numbers of other stores are available and can be given to the customer. According to the website Christian music isn't the only thing, it has a variety of Jazz, classical and blue grass as well.

This childish name calling you speak of was not mentioned in the post it was only used in other comments. You say you can't believe half the stuff Hobby Lobby has done to their customers, again those are one sided stories. You don't see employees on here complaining about customers or mentioning...

Seeing how successful the company is i doubt they lose many customer due to out of stock items or frustration. No person, no business is perfect.

Who knows, the employees may have been rude as all get out.But we can't really know with only one side of the story now can we?

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What the *** is wrong with you?Why in the H E L L should a store associate be responsible for looking up an item for you.

Get of you A S S and look it up yourself! And what stores have computers available with internet access for you to look up an item and see how much it would cost to ship? And by the way Hobby Lobby doesn't have a computer with internet access available to the employees. Only in the LOCKED cash office which only managers have access to.

And it is not the managers job to go to hobbylobby.com and figure out something like that for you. And what does being a christian have to do with any of this.

So the company is not christian for not having access to the internet for you to use?Go *** yourself!

to Anonymous #608929

I could not reply to the orignial post. I had a similar experience with Hobby Lobby.

I have been at Sears and JC Penny and even other more helpful craft stores. Some of these well-run stores do have the internet and will help you get the item or information on how to get the item. .......Or, will be less rude, at very least.

This internet service helps after you have spent gas money to get to the store in the first place.

Sears, I think, has a computer station that the employee will help you with. Sears will either tell you what other local Sears has the item or how much it will cost to ship it to you. Very helpful when considering gas money.

The hobby lobby employees never say, "you are welcome" here after you say "thank you".

The employees never ask customers if they need help finding something, only when you are in check-out line and leaving.

Then, at check-out, the cashier will ask, with a little smirk, if you found everything when you are about to leave!!

They are probably glad the customer is leaving their store.

The employees are very scary, and I try to avoid them at all times. I am afraid one of them will say '"f" 'you' to me, a customer, just like the employees do on this website!!!

No Christian music plays at Hobby Lobby store. I think the mean enviornment will not allow the love and message of the Christain music.

Customer service is defintely last at the Hobby Lobby. I am...

I am sure the owners are very Christian and Bible-based. I just wonder why some different policies, regarding customer care and customer enviornment, to run the store are not put into place.

Still, I wish only change and no malice on anyone. Unlike, some other folks, who may not be Christian.

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to Anonymous #616771

not to mention, the computer in the locked cash office cant get on the internet.. on hobby lobbys own little access for the company emails and such..

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