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I haven't had any comments or any contact from hobby lobby to resolve this matter, my question is did I post this correctly, is there another step that i missed?

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On the 5th of this Month, December 2017 I was shopping at My Lake Havasu City Hobby Lobby in Arizona. I had several items in my shopping cart and had asked for assistance twice from two individuals who seemed to be hovering busily around me and acting strangely, they were very helpful and soon lightened their initial mood as is usually the case when strangers realize that though i often shop in my work clothes and because my occupation is mainly manual labor I am not uneducated or inarticulate and also quite polite, We even shared a few chuckles.

Around fifteen minutes into my shopping I was approached now by two uniformed Police officers who asked if I had anything in my pockets from the store as well as some irrelevant inquiries about what I planned to do with the Art supplies in my basket i was buying. They then told me to go to the back where they explained that I was recorded 10 days earlier stealing and showed me video of Myself reaching into my hand held shopping basket then putting something in my pocket then putting something on a nearby shelf. I told the Officers and the Manager who was no longer playacting and patronizing that I hadn't stolen anything from the store at anytime and asked what it was I was accused of taking, they indicated some small boxes on the desk and said around twenty dollars worth of merchandise, I was asked to confess and after I told one officer my social security number pronouncing the nine as "niner" and confirming when he asked that I was former military he then insults my service and my word by saying how it wasn't very honorable to lie about stealing or some similar comment . They asked me if Id like to continue shopping though I was forever trespassed from the store , I said I wasn't in much of a shopping mood anymore.

I realized that nothing I said now would matter as they had all made the judgement I was a thief regardless of the truth that I Am innocent. I was written a citation as I sat in the back of a police vehicle and given A sheet of paper from Hobby Lobby saying I was caught commitimg retail theft, what a bad Joke.

I have court in January and intend to have Legal counsel to fight this enormous imposition and potential scar on my record and dignity. Corporate Hobby Lobby should review their films and drop any and all charges against me, though they will not have to lift the banishment , I obviously will never set foot in a Hobby Lobby again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I hope i have the strength and resources to take hobby lobby to court and get some Justice for what they have done ti my life


I wrote this complaint and have had no comments or been contacted by hobby lobby, my question is did i post this correctly?

to demians_soul_36 #1422164

Sorry that happened to you.

to Anonymous #1441320

Thank you, for your understanding, I am still dealing with this in the courts and it has been a nightmare realizing that someone can be accused and their life disrupted for simply shopping in a store. I am a veteran and it makes me sick that I pledged to give my life for this country who's legal system has put me through this garbage.

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