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I was shopping at Hobby Lobby in Lincoln, Ne recently and was stopped as I was leaving the store by two loss prevention people.The woman said she needed me to come back into the store with her because she believed I had some merchandise in my purse that belonged to them.

I didn't and showed the male inside my purse. She still insisted I come in the store with her so I did. Once inside, she took my purse and proceeded to search it. I had nothing belonging to them except the pens in the sack in my hand that she had just seen me purchase.

After searching my purse she asked what I did with the pens I didn't pay for, and I told her I paid for the ones I picked up. She said she saw me conceal them in my purse in the flower dept. I explained to her that I had taken my wallet out of my purse to loan the friend with me a couple dollars. She was going to be short on money for what she wanted to buy.

I removed my wallet, handed her some money and put it back in my purse. She didn't believe me even though I had nothing in my purse and called the police. The officer arrived and they went down the hall to talk and left me sitting there with someone watching me for 45 minutes. Finally the officer came back, said he was going to read me my rights and if I cooperated it would be easier.

I had nothing to tell him I had done nothing wrong. He searched my purse and found a pocket knife that my son left in my car that I threw in my purse. I was arrested for shoplifting and carrying a concealed weapon and taken to jail. I was stripped searched detained for two more hours and had to post bond.

That's not half of it. I wear a wig because of a medical condition and told the officer this. He made me remove it, accused me of wearing a disguise and wouldn't let me put it back on till I cooperated with him. After asking him several times he finally let me put it back on my head.

He later made a comment about having a come to Jesus meeting and the loss prevention lady said she doubted I knew who Jesus was. Who is she to question my relationship with my God or judge me? She has another woman she calls her wife and I don't judge her. Anyway, I plan on hiring an attorney and fighting this.

I also plan on suing Hobby Lobby and the police department of Lincoln.Anyone have any advice?

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Duluth, Georgia, United States #862183

If you did not have anything on you when they searched you then I'm sorry but that is what they call a bad stop. I work in loss prevention and if i am not 100% sure you selected something and concealed it and then when I stop you recover it, I will not make the stop. If they could not find anything on you but the things you had a reciept for then you did not shoplift and that is grounds for a suit.

to Panda #1077783

I don't know why people fail to read the follow up of these reviews. Her story changes form her her taking money from her wallet out to loan to her friend, then in an update it was her son.

to Anonymous #1256425

PAY ATTENTION!!!!The OP did not write that followup!!!

There are trolls at this site, one in particular that has many aliases, but his most favorite one was KevinRichards and he constantly posts followups, pretending to the letter writer and making damning confessions.He thinks it's funny but this site has lost a lot of consumer traffic because of his actions.

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia #831843

Do you know my ex husband, Kevin? He was also a pathological liar, I think you two would get along great!


Hobby Lobby has video everywhere. That should tell the story.

to anyone #790772

The problem is they edited the tapes to make it look like I stole pens. What they saw on the video was me handing my son money to buy some things for himself, that was the only time I opened my purse which is when they mistook me for stealing the pens. They fixed the tapes to make me look guilty when I opened the purse to give my son some money to buy things he wanted because he was short a few dollars and could not buy everything he wanted.

to brendasmith Meridian, Idaho, United States #836203

Why didn't you just give him money at the register? If he's twelve, it shouldn't be too embarrassing to be with "mom" right?

to brendasmith #862191

In your complaint, you state it was a friend you handed the money to. Now, you are saying it was your son...

to brendasmith #862193

In your original story you say you loaned your FRIEND money because SHE was gong to be short. Now it's your son instead of friend. If you can't even keep straight who you were with maybe there's some other details you mixed up as well...

to brendasmith #862197

your original post has you lending money to "a friend".. Get a good lawyer because that kind of contradictory testimony will mess you up in court!

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