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I left hobby lobby with three packages from the store on friday night. I went outside looking for my car and thought that my car was in a certain spot.

I got close to the car put down my packages to get my keys and noticed that this was not my car. I picked up my packages and left a package next to the car in the parking lot. The lot was full and it was dark so I did not realize I had left it. When I got home I realized I had left a package and was not sure where.

I called the store because it was about to close and they said my packages weren't there. I was upset because I had bought the Max Lucado inspirational calendars for my Bible Study (four ) of them worth almost $48.00.

When I spoke with the manager Leeann said I walked out with all three packages and was hesitant to give me my money back and was rude. I informed her that I was looking for my car and must of laid down one of the three packages thats when one of the employees said we can't protect our customers in the parking lot. I said that was a pretty thoughtless statement.

You advocate that you are a Christian organization but your employees are not on the same page your saying when a 63 year old lady walks out and goes to your parking lot your liability stops. I asked if they had a video camera outside and they replied No.

I did receive my money back but do not feel comfortable going back to your store.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Manager.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

I didn't like: Return procedure.

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Why do you expect the company to reimburse you for products that you lost. It's not the stores responsibility to make sure all your packages make it to your car.

P.S. the shopping carts can be taken out of the store.

Naples, Florida, United States #1218784

Adults in the real world realize when you get a receipt you own the merchandise and the store has no obligation to you after that. You lost the package, you are SOL.

There is no store on the planet who would be responsible for your lost package, even if you had left it in the store. Get real.


Don't you know to get your keys out before going to car or missing car? Plus if I got a refund on everything I lost like most people I'd be rich!

You are rude and give older folks a bad rap!! Shame on you! Christian?

Another insult to a religion . Jesus taught not to judge, sorry but you put it out there for what???

Odenville, Alabama, United States #961950

What exactly is your complaint? I would be embarrassed to ask them to pay for merchandise I lost. As for the employee, were you rude to her?

Beverly Hills, California, United States #953200

someone please take this lady's keys away before we see her up on the news looking *** because she just plowed through a crowd of people we already know what the excuse is going to be if you can't find your own car I'm sure you can't tell the difference between the gas and the brake in your car I hope one of your family members see these posts so that they can take your keys away


You may be 63 but you behave like you are six, they are not responsible for your carelessness, you got your money back and you are still complaining. If your age is making you old and senile you should not be driving and you should get someone to do your shopping for you or with you. Then to claim to be a Christian when you do not behave like one is an insult to all Christians.

to KevinRichards Hauula, Hawaii, United States #936368

You sir should be more resepectful when you're addressing some one older than you. HAVE SOME CLASS.

to hawaiian61Boy Beverly Hills, California, United States #953197

let me see if I have this right you left the store and left one of your packages on the ground and now that Is somebody else's fault I don't even understand how you got your money back. lady you are simply crazy I guarantee 100% that if you worked in that store and I bought something.

Then walked out and left my package in the parking lot and then I called you and asked for a refund you would tell me no, so why do you expect anyone else to give you your money back is it because you're 63 years old? Yeah you would think that when people get older they get wiser it's obvious that you are out of touch with reality and you need to just stay home. please don't ever leave the house again because you may run a red light or push on the gas thinking that it's the break and kill somebody then you will think that as a Christian it's their fault

lady please stay home you do not need to be outside with the rest of us anymore.

I don't understand why old people act Like you. You should be ashamed of your actions.

to hawaiian61Boy Orange, California, United States #962399

I don`t have to be respectful to someone acting like they are six years old and not taking any responsibility for their actions. They did not have to return this person`s money but they did.

It was not their fault that they were stolen. This OP should have been more careful. I forgot to mention one thing in my reply. Telling a person no, (in this case the manager had a good reason to) is not the same as being rude.

Mi if you are reading this this store has a female manager. Your claims of sex discrimination are false.

Hialeah, Florida, United States #921700

Hobby Lobby should not have given your money back. You are rude and ignorant.

If you never return to their store, I'm sure they will be grateful.


What ate they supposed to protect you from? Your own ignorance?

Is not like they didn't give you all of your things, or even like you were mugged in the parking lot. You sat your bag down and left it. That is entirely your own fault.

Maybe you learned a valuable lesson about responsibility. If I was one of the hobby lobby employees you spoke with, not only would I not have given you any reimbursement, I would have laughed in your face.

Virginia Beach, Virginia, United States #916698

As another 63 old lady I think it's amazing that Hobby Lobby covered the cost of customer carelessness where they do have no liability! It's sad that you left your package but why does it turn into a grievance against a store that made good on your error?!

Ridgeland, Mississippi, United States #916013

I think you are lucky to have got your money back. It's isn't their fault you left your stuff in the parking lot, you sound ***.

Mesquite, Texas, United States #915941

I thought it was just the younger generation that took no responsibility for their own actions. The company had no liability here, for crying out loud! Next, you'll be suing for slipping in a parking lot in the rain cuz they didn't mop up the water!


They very generously gave you money back - they did not have to. And you are mad at them?


This isn't the Hobby Lobby web site, it is a general complaint site. You needed protection from yourself, not from anybody else.

It was your fault for not making sure you picked up all your packages when you discovered you were at the wrong car.

I'm 74 years old and have never set my packages down so that I could look for my keys.

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