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It just amazes me that this store proclaims to be Christian.My 16 year old and her friend went to the store and bought yes they bought merchandise.

I have the reciept. The store manager followed them out to her jeep and started to confront her about her purchase. Mind you she is 16. Scared the mess outta her and her friend.

She showed him the reciept and he still kept on with his ***. Oh *** no you didn't. After she got home and told me about this. I called the manager at the store in Oxford AL.

He got a reality check and quick because I told him that if he were to come up from behind me in a parking lot at night you would not be alive right now I would of shot you. Now a days you should know better. I don't know who you are. A mugger etc.

I wouldn't of given you a chance to tell me. That's how we roll here.

Sorry but it is what it is.Lesson learned the hard way for that guy.

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This was hilarious. What does a mugging have to do with this retail fiasco?


First of all, I agree what the manager did was VERY WRONG.BUT the business being owned by Christians has no effect on employers.

Even if the employees are Christians, everyone makes mistakes. EVERYONE sins in their own way. This manager does not make who the employers are or what the business is. They can easily be replaced IF the owner finds fault in what he did.

You can't judge anyone!. That's is God, and ONLY God's right.

Just pay for them.

Nowhere in the terms of employment does it state you HAVE to be Christian to work their.


seriously why do people expect christians to not be faulty human beings?They are more likely to be faulty and they know they are not able to be good honest people without it.

So the average person looks more criminal to them. Its called Projection.

I think that is why so many of these posts talk about how when in HL you are followed and treated like a criminal worse than in most stores.

What really bothers me about most of these complaints is the fact that HL employees think its such a joke that people are humiliated. Seems they love it oh and about the following closely behind people all the time they are in there lol I doubt the average clerk likes doing it. All this stuff trickles down from management.

Shop online!You may still have a bad experience.........some companies worse than others but at least when the employees snicker behind your back and giggle that you were abused and humiliated, at least you can't here them.


Did he really learn a lesson though? He prob laughed and told his friends about you. That's how people in retail role.

Even if he did make a mistake, does it say somewhere that Christians aren't allowed to do that?


Are you insane?That's how we role?


What an excellent role model for your shop lifting children you must be.


English 101. Look into it.


It was probably the items stuffed in her pockets, not on the receipt he was concerned about...I'm just saying.

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