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I toolk an original oil painting worth $100 to hobby lobby to be framed. I told the framer it was an oil painting and could not be touched on the paint.

The framer scratched places on 1/3 of the painting and all they offered me was $2.50 off the picture framing on another painting. Then the store manager did not want to give me her last name til i insisted. And then i asked for something in writing and she claimed they didnt have letterhead. i have been a regular hobby lobby customer for years and this is disappointing and unprofessional.

I thought they were a christian based store. No christ-like treatment for me today.

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Manager.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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Billings, Montana, United States #968636

I'd be pissed too. Some of those paint by number sets can cost $20 or more!

to tirogrande #1264756

YOU are pretty *** ***. Anyone can see that is NOT a paint by number painting.


You Hobby Lobby cult members are the dumbest people! AND rude.


Call corporate!


I can't imagine an original oil painting NOT worth at least $100, but you will need a receipt or estimate. Give THEM something in writing: a notice from your local court that they have been sued in small claims court.


How do you know your original oil painting is worth $100.00? That might just be your opinion.

to anonymous #972685

One would assume that she's just taking about the supplies used which would easily be worth at least $100.

to anonymous #996913

As a painter, let me explain something to you. When we decide how much our paintings are worth, we factor in many things: How many hours we worked on it (and generally we charge whatever the minimum wage of the area/at the time is) and the costs of materials (canvases, paints, mediums, brushes.

These are all things that factor into the price). There's a *** good chance this person knew how much they'd spent on materials, and how much time they spent on the painting, and did the math to figure out how much the painting would be worth.

I have original oil paintings that range from $75 to $300. Don't go after someone and say what they are claiming their painting to be worth to be just their opinion.

to Anonymous #1088912

Just because you spent a bunch of money on supplies for a painting and put time into it doesn't mean that's what it's worth. It's only worth what someone's willing to pay for it.

I could throw paint at a canvas and say it's worth 200.00 but if no ones buying it.

It's.... Well not.

to Anonymous #1510092

Until you find the right buyer for the right painting and then it just IS. Maybe the customer was determining the price based on artwork they had previously sold. Nobody knows how they came up with that figure, but that wasn't even the point of the original post.

to anonymous #1510091

It doesn't matter what it's worth anyway, it is an original piece of artwork and sentimental.

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