I went to a Hobby Lobby store in far north San Antonio to have a pair of canves paintings stretched recently. I was told that the order would take two weeks, which I didn't mind, but when two weeks had passed, then three weeks, I went back to the store to inquire as to the status of my order.

I was told that not all of the framing employees were knowledgable in stretching canvases, and the ones who were had not been able to get to them yet. They told me that it would take one more week. I received a call ten days leter saying that my paintings were ready. When I went to pick them up, they were stretched extremely crooked, and the canvases were sagging in the middle. I was very disapointed.

I asked to speak with a manager about this, and all I got out of him was that they would be happy to redo them, and that it would take two more weeks. I didn't have a good feeling about this, but thinking that I had no other solution, I left them there to be fixed.

When I went back two weeks later, I found that the back and sides of my paintings were filled with tiny rips and tears from where the staples were removed. And there were several large cracks in the paint on the front of both pictures that are not repairable.

I was then told by the manager that I could file a claim for the damage to the paintings, but to keep in mind that if Hobby Lobby chooses to pay for the damages, the company will then assume ownership of the paintings (I WOULD NOT GET MY PAINTINGS BACK!). I decided to file the claim, and talk with the corporate office about it. They did indeed say that they would pay the claim, but that I would NOT get me artwork back!!

When I declined that offer, I went back to the store to pick up my badly damaged paintings, and spoke with the manager one more time. He made it seem like I was trying to scam the company, then as a capper, he told me that I should understand that Hobby Lobby is an "affordable alternative" to much higher-priced custom framing boutiques, and that I probably wouldn't have had these problems if I didn't try to cut corners.

I will never, ever do business with this company again!!

Monetary Loss: $600.

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De Pere, Wisconsin, United States #1319278

I had the exact same experience with HobbyLobby. Don't trust them with your art unless you want it destroyed.


I can't say anything about HL but to respond to the previous poster about framing at Michaels, your experience is going to vary greatly at each store. I spent 3 year working in 2 different Michaels Frame shops and my coworkers took great care to make the artwork look as good as possible.

In my second frame shop, most of us were artists ourselves.

That being said, training sessions and notes from corporate were like drilling nails into your skull, because other frame shops couldn't even figure out how to properly assemble mats. If you're really paranoid about a frame shop in a michaels, hover by the counter on a weekend and be nosy about other people's completed work.


I just wanted to let you know that I am a small business that handles canvas stretching, along with many other services. We are located in Houston, Texas, but we would still like to put our services out to you.

Feel free to contact Amanda Hudman with AD & CD Studio at 832-582-5719.

We would love to have your business.

Abilene, Texas, United States #919171

Never use Hobby Lobby or Michaels if you have a cherished photo or portrait you want framed. I will never use them again.

I will say one thing about Michaels, they guarantee they framing. They paid me back what I paid for a portrait to be framed there.

But will never use them again. If you have something important to frame, go to someone who knows what they are doing.


I just picked up some very pricy items I had framed. One was a panoramic picture.

I had protected the picture well in a hard plastic tube. When I got it home, in some better light, I could see that there were creases all across the picture, as if they had laid the rolled up picture on a counter and then put something heavy on top of it. The other two items look OK, but they're nothing to write home about. I'm taking them back tomorrow.

We'll see what happens. I spend a lot of money at Hobby Lobby, and I'm very disappointed by this.


I was employed at HL for over 2 yrs and believe me when I say there is an exemplary amount of non-Christian like practices involved. .

I now shop else where. Most items are made in china, so finding similar products online is pretty simple.

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