Hobby Lobby Corporation has filed a lawsuit in order to allow the company to deny their women employees some forms of birth control.I find it unconscionable for Hobby Lobby to impose their agenda on the health care decisions that their female employees may make.

Until they withdraw this lawsuit and change their policy toward their female employees, I will not shop at any of their stores and I will let all of my friends know about their actions.I will no longer support Hobby Lobby or any stores that take similar actions against women and women's health care issues.

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Robstown, Texas, United States #904566

I absolutely agree with you.Christians think they should be able to rule the world and make rules for everyone including non-Christians!

Hobby Lobby puts Christmas décor out in September so they can force that despicable holiday on everyone! Hobby Lobby is only successful in the dim-witted bible belt states. You know, Southern states with double digit IQ's, astronomical teen pregnancy rates, families with 19 kids and counting, full of violent crime, corrupt local governments, virgin births, and the most insane people on the planet! The best thing that is happening with less and less people dumb enough to believe that moronic pile of ***, is less republicans, and less HobbyLobby stores!!

The world is about progress and change and indoctrinating a child is CHILD ABUSE!

Thank the universe more and more children are escaping indoctrination than ever!I hope I live to see the demise of religion, the world will NEVER have a moment's PEACE until religion is just a bad memory!


Simple solution... Buy your own pills, or keep your legs closed, but I'm assuming buying your own pills might be a lot easier for you

to W h o r e #904555

Yeah it seems like a simple solution BUT TEXAS is full of dumb twits with 3 kids before they turn 20!

Chicago, Illinois, United States #689307

After reading all of these comments I'll gladly tell you the issues at hand.Obamacare is forcing all health insurance providing businesses to cover the day after and the week after pill.

Regardless of your beliefs, this company that is based our their religious beliefs does not support this. Hobby Lobby insurances does currently cover birth control, as I am an employee and known this first hand but it refuses to cover a drug that causes abortions. If you really look at what they are fighting you would understand they are not the ones trying to control women's health care. That is what the government is doing.

I'm sorry but I do not want to be paying premiums for another employee's reckless decisions. Hobby Lobby is fighting the law that requires them to go against their beliefs, and if you really think about it, that in itself is against the law. The government forcing someone to go against their beliefs is unlawful.

Oh and let's not forget that any woman that does choose to be reckless and *** without any form of birth control can simply go to her local pharmacy and purchase the day after pill for herself.So the argument that Hobby Lobby is doing something wrong here is completely unfounded.


I make sure I spend as much as I can there. I used to go to other stores for my art supplies but since hobby lobby has beliefs based on common sense I'll keep supporting them. A new bill was introduced which will give Hobby Lobby a tax credit for every dime that the facistic obummer regime penalizes them with.

Portland, Oregon, United States #587002

I hope Hobby Lobby goes bankrupt. paying the million dollar fines. Why do they think they have the right to dictate medical issues to their female employees? They want to be a church- well register as one. Keep your *** religion to yourself...just sell your *** cheap Chinese craft ***.

And...Plan B is not equivalent to an abortion. Get educated morons.

to notcatholic #587423

Hobby lobby is not denying women healthcare.hobby lobby is a christian company.

the mandate forces them to abandon THEIR christian beliefs...you are the ones that need to be educatex. the morning after pill and the week after pill are still abortion. its not right for the government to force their liberalistic viewd on this christiN company. whats next?

The government will try to control the church.

and why did our ancestors come to find this great country?I rest my case.

to cashier for the lord #904571

Our Ancestors came here to AVOID AND BE FREE OF RELIGION!!Only the states with a double digit IQ teach anything other than the truth!


Christians view Muslims as evil, non-believers can see that Christians are just as evil and controlling in a different way.Catholicism is the most well-funded *** organization in the world!


Just stfu about this already.Guess what?

Your comments about it don't make a difference.Get over it ;]


A judge has thrown out HL's lawsuit.They say that they cannot eliminate forms of contraception based on religious views that HL has instilled.

Yay!HL you suck!!!

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