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I just visited the Hobby Lobby on FM529 in W.Houston.

I found on the clearance isle some boxes of wedding flowers. The boxes varied in condition some good, some crushed and some open. The price tags varied from $3.99, $1.99 and $1.27. When I went to the cashier I asked why some were less than the others although they were the same flowers.

The manager was at the register next to me and he said that they are all $3.99 and he was changing the price back to $3.99. I told him he could not do that, due to deceptive practices and he informed me he was the manager and he could do as he pleased. He accused me of changing stickers, I told him to review the cameras because I had less than 5 minutes to pick these up by the time I found them as the store was closing. I feel that he slandered me in front of other customers by calling me a thief, which is not true as cameras can prove otherwise.

I feel that these boxes of flowers were mismarked by their employees and I should not have to suffer the humiliation and the slander he put me through. I told him I would write to you and to the Attorney General and he told me that if I did not shut up he would cancel my transaction and throw me out of the store! The only reason I followed through on the transaction is so I would have proof of their deceptive ways.

They call this a Christian based store, they should hire more Christian like people who should not judge before they have proof.If anyone is the thief it was him, robbing me of my dignity with his slander and humiliation in front of other customers and my children and for changing prices and making them higher than what was marked.

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Do you even KNOW what slandering someone is? Get a grip! He basically said you got the price wrong.

Do you know how many people go through department stores and grab an item then decide they don’t want it and they never really put it back where they got it from?Could have been a mistake.

#1384371 you're the inconsiderate customer that wanders in 5 minutes before close to cruise the bargain aisle? I see why he was skeptical.

Naples, Florida, United States #1209059

I am always amused at how non Christians are an expert on how Christians are supposed to behave.

Orange, California, United States #901002

Even if you did not switch stickers you are a thief and scammer if you knew that the price was higher and demanded the lower price, so no sympathy for you. You certainly are not a Christian if you are going to use their mistake to scam them so don't pull this Christian stuff when you were not acting like one yourself.

to KevinRichards #1074544

Sorry, just how were they a thief and scammer??While not everything adds up about this, it's perfectly reasonable to assume that different items would have different prices placed on them by the store due to being in different conditions.

This person states clearly in their review that some flowers were damaged. If I walked into a store and saw different prices on different items, some more damaged than others, I would assume it was to reflect this damage.

The store should definitely have honoured their prices.This person was NOT taking advantage of them by asking that they do so.

to Anonymous #1106675

Wow you and the OP have no morals.

to Anonymous #1127775

The person was told they were wrong and kept arguing, so they got what was coming to them. They are like a little kid, cannot take no for an answer without throwing a tantrum.


Hi Heidi,I love seeing what you are pantniig each week on fb, and I want to start coming occastionally.I would like to come November 3rd and bring a friend or two.

I need to check with them to finalize the day, though. Will you go ahead and reserve a spot for me?

Thanks!Lauren Holsomback Pritchett


I've had a similar experience with a Hobby Lobby in Colorado.I feel for you, Nina, but let me tell you something: Being "Christian" means nothing.

People have done horrendous acts under the guise of being "Christian." Christians aren't any different than anyone else and being "religious" doesn't guarantee you're going to be treated fairly.

Don't shop at Hobby Lobby again; that's what I decided to do.It's the best way to get their attention---hit them in their pocketbook.


You know, in reading all of these statements follow MY advice...if they treat you good treat them good, if they treat you like a POS treat them like a bigger one...

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