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The parking lot has no sercurity cameras for the patrons safety or his employees saftey. The manager if ur car get broken n to his cop out is my hands r tied take it up with Tomball PD, Tomball PD will do NOTHING!!!!

Wheres big bother when u need him. I am saying PARK AT UR OWN RISK!!!!!!!

The main mananger Patrick NEVER LISTENS he never shuts his mouth long enough to listen to his employees and his CUSTOMERS!!! He is a cheese BALL!!!!he alsoone of those money men and all he cares about is his store and hes good reports from his bosses.His fav line is o hey where r u and hi how r u and doesnt even listen to the person that he is talking to...

Review about: Hobby Lobby Manager.

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Hahahaha Patrick was funny! What a trip.


Please hold off on any more posting, anywhere, until you can work on your grammar, spelling and use of full words.


Go back to school and learn how to spell and stop robbing cars you piece of trash.

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