My daughter and I were at the spartanburg store the other day we were going to get some fabric we were glancing at some other things. We were walking down an aisle and I seen to male managers talking down an aisle.

We went to the aisle after it to look at some merchandise we heard them being very vulgar talking about female customers in the store and having my teenage daughter with me made me very uncomfortable. This is supposed to be a christian store and there are managers talking about sex in the store.

It really upset me as that is one of my favorite store. Hopefully something will be done about this.

Review about: Hobby Lobby Manager.

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How can you blame them there's some hot chicks in that store...milfs

Tryon, North Carolina, United States #677384

OK no *** *** but in a store really

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #676780

Do you honestly think your teen age daughter has never heard vulgar language? For all you know she probably knows more vulgar language than you do.

Have you ever heard boys in your daughter's age group talking, as far as that goes when a group of girls are together, their talking can get pretty filthy too. This can happen no matter how well brought up kids are. It might not have been right that male employees were talking that way, but it isn't anything to get excited about. Aren't you aware that a lot of the people that proclaim themselves to have Christian beliefs only pick and choose the parts of the Bible that they want to believe in.

With a lot of Christians it is do as I say, not as I do. If it will make you feel better, complain to their corporate office.

to anonymous Conroe, Texas, United States #747281

the girl probably has heard vulgar language, but it's still unprofessional and inappropriate for store managers to be speaking that way while on the job.

and it really has little to do with whether they are christian or not. if they're not, they still need to be respectful in the workplace.

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