My account was automatically charged a $50 NSF fee from Hobby Lobby due to a returned check. I was not made aware this is the process for handling returned checks, it never happened before.

Hobby Lobby's policy is that they will automatically process a generic check through your checking account for the NSF fee of $50 without your knowledge or authorization. This should be illegal. To ensure check writers are aware of this policy, one should be required to sign an Authorization Form, whereby they are aware of the returned check processing by Hobby Lobby. Posting a note on a register is not sufficient.

The NSF $50 fee was paid, but Hobby Lobby processed two (2) additional attempts after payment for the $50 NSF was paid. This caused my checking account $56 in overdraft fees.

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After I got married, my husband and I merged accounts. He debit card did not come in yet so I gave him mine and I carried a few checks.

They would not even take my check. they gave me a number to whoever pre-qualifies the checks and they told me that they have a program that tells the likely hood of a check being fraudulent and mine was high and they would not take my check, even if we called the bank and verified it was me and that I had enough funds in my account. The whole ordeal took over 2 hours.

By that time my husband came and paid with our debit card. I from that point on only go to michaels or Joann's


The returned check fee goes by state law in which the check was wrote. Almost every store nowadays, that still accepts checks, automatically resubmit the check along with the return check fee back through the customers account.

If you are unsure of a store's check writing policy, ask the cashier or manager.

There is nothing illegal about submitting the fee and the check back through your account. By law a check can hit your account up to 3 times: 1 when you first write it and then 2 more times with the fee and the check and the fee are processed as 2 separate transactions.


:grin your a fine one to talk about balancing a checkbook christie since Walmart and Telecheck has one of yours that bounced sky high!!! :eek :grin


gizmo you missed my favorite part of the hot check writers complaint she said she has never had anyone automatically withdraw money from her account for a bad check before (without her signing something saying she is aware of the policy) this means this is not the dead beats first rodeo by the way most businesses these days use the automatic bank draft for nsf checks if you have ever processed bad checks your incompitence costs tons of money the policy was posted get over it learn to balance your checkbook or pay cash since this was not the first time it is not a case of "this could happen to anybody" as was suggested


so you saw the notice of the fee on a register and still passed the check, now you are whining because they charged you what they said they would? YOU ARE A *** WHO SHOULD NOT HAVE A CHECKBOOK


$50 does seem to be a bit excessive, I don't know if there are any limits for NSF charges but there certainly should be.I believe if I owned a store,I'd give the customer a chance to make the check good without any NSF's if my account was not charged, because this could happen to anybody


so you wrote them a bad check and they took 50.00 out because of it--and you want it up in neon lights that they will do this? hummm maybe if you didn't stiff them on the check they wouldn't do that to you--and it's all their fault huh?

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