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What kind of a store won't let you do a return if you discover the item you bought is not exactly what you wanted? I located something close enough to what I have been wanting at Hobby Lobby (since I was unable to find it locally).

I seriously considered purchasing it until (very wisely) I read their online returns rules: Absolutely NO returns for anything purchased online. Really? Michael's and JoAnn's have no problem with returns, nor does any other store I deal with. I have NEVER had a problem with returning an item I've bought online, and I have shopped through the internet for years, both for myself and others.

You can't always guarantee you will like a product bought online until you actually see it, so once in a while may have to return something. It appears as if these people just want your money and refuse to part with any once they have it.

Greedy, aren't they? I think I will continue to do business with companies that actually value me as a customer and keep right on passing these idiots by.....

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That is not necessarily true because I had a manager that returned something in store that someone had bought online. So try bringing it into the store to return.




Yeah I also work at hobby lobby, and you're wrong, sorry. we've taken back so much *** that we cant ever use or sell just to make people like you happy.

believe me, if i were the manager I would say no to a lot more that walks through the door. It's ridiculous the things that people will try to bring back.


Oh, my gosh! You are such a D U M B A S S !

Our stores do take back opened and damaged products! We're not supposed to according to our policy, but idiotic customers like you who complain enough, wear down the managers into accepting it so they can get back to business. Apparently the store manager you worked with can't be bullied.

ONCE AGAIN! Good for him!

#315688 states in what you wrote that "Items returned must be in sellable condition. Opened or used merchandise cannot be returned.

For the people who work at Hobby Lobby, obviously you don't know your own return policy or READ MY LETTER.

If you DON'T open it, how do you know it is the correct item/will fit/etc., that you are looking for? So.....since it is OPENED,THEY WON'T TAKE IT BACK. Again, Michael's and Joann's have no problem with this. THEY DON'T ACCEPT OPENED OR USED MERCHANDISE.

In other words, you need to BRING IT BACK IN THE ORIGINAL PACKAGING. There are times when this is JUST NOT POSSIBLE OR SHOULD EVEN BE EXPECTED. They also have a sign in their window which states that they can 'search your vehicle at any time'.

Maybe in your state that's okay, but here it's illegal. They have SO many things wrong on SO many levels.....


Um yeah, lady, you are wrong. I too work at Hobby Lobby and we take back just about everything.

Opened packages, damaged products, even things that are five years old.

Man, I wish I worked at the store you shop at, it sounds like they actually have a manager who follows our return policy. Good for him!


You can absolutely return opened merchandise. I work as a CSM at Hobby Lobby and we take back nearly everything that comes through the door. In fact, as long as I've worked there, I've never said no to a return, even though the product has been used and very clearly broken by the customer.

The reason that stores cannot accept online returns is the merchandise purchased online is not in the same catalogue as the items in the store and we have no place to put said items.


I am NOT wrong. Hobby Lobby WILL NOT accept opened merchandise, BUT Michael's and Joann's (and many other companies including Amazon) will.

You cannot just LOOK at an item to see if it is functional sometimes, you need to actually open it and make sure it is compatible with what you are looking for. Can you honestly say that you have NEVER opened an item to see if it is what you wanted? Also, how do you know if it is defective if you don't open it to find out? So the entire disclaimer is ridiculous.

If you order something online, you should be able to return it even if it has been opened, without having to jump through hoops to convince someone that you didn't damage it and it arrived that way. They will do everything they can to make sure nothing goes back to them once you purchase it, whether it is in the store or online.


You only looked at the last line; which says you cannot return to a Hobby Lobby Store. ***You have to return it online.***

Return Policy

• If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase you may return your item(s) to us within 30 days.

• Items returned must be in sellable condition. Opened or used merchandise can not be returned.

• If you have received damaged, broken, or defective merchandise please contact Customer Service at 1-800-888-0321 Ext 1275 before returning the item(s).

• Please allow up to 2 weeks for your return to be processed and credit issued.

• You will receive a refund for the purchase price of the item and applicable sales tax. Credit will be issued to the credit card used at the time of purchase.

• Shipping and handling charges will not be credited unless the reason for the return is our error.

• Hobby Lobby Stores can not accept returns for purchases made online.

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