Today I went to the Denver Hobby Lobby.A location I often visit.

Although the store was not very busy there was a line at the checkout (~6 people). There was one very friendly cashier working hard and then another standing chatting with the security guard and a woman who looked like possibly a manager (she was wearing a red shirt instead of the uniform but had a hobby lobby card on a lanyard around her neck). The three were talking loudly about weekend plans and how they wanted to go home. People kept asking the other cashier if she was open but she just replied "no" and continued talking.

I was shocked!

Especially if the woman in the red was a manager.Where was the customer service?

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Hickory, North Carolina, United States #817120

Awwwwwh you had to wait in a line?That is just unheard of!

I feel so incredibly sorry for you!I think the real problem is that you expect to get through a craft store like you would a McDonalds.

to Anonymous Fountain, Colorado, United States #847328

So...is your name Mineva or are you Ms. Green? She likes to hang out on these sites and post bogus replies like you do.

Highlands Ranch, Colorado, United States #810295

Southern Colorado Hobby Lobby's have security guards because They is so frequent versus a boulder or fort Collins hobby lobby, not every employee is assigned to the cash register, the person who should have really been looking for your *** hanging out should have been the cashier who was checking, call her out on it next time.

Saint Louis, Missouri, United States #806330

The hobby lobby employee in red is most likely a customer service manager and cannot use a register. I'm thinking the other person may have not been a register operator or on a break


Security guard?Sounds like they where talking to a police officer and if a cashier was involved it was probably about fraudulent money.

I guess they are suppose to drop all legal disputes to satisfy you.You must be worth more them the legal system as a whole then.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #791236

Wow, hobby lobby has a security guard?!


Maybe, the other cashier was on break.Do you honestly expect somebody on their break to serve you?

I'm sure if the manager thought there were too many people in the line she would have opened a register. Six people in line isn't that big of deal.

If you didn't want to wait that long, you could could have left your items in the store and left, that would have been really easy to do.

to anonymous Fountain, Colorado, United States #847330

really poor customer service seems to be the case in every HL store across the US. Shoddy product from a shoddy store..no wonder 128 have closed.

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