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Tried to return an item to the store without a receipt, the cashier told me they would be deducting 40% from the item and then giving me the difference, HELLO, I didn't use coupon a coupon when i brought the item so why is the store? No where in the return policy does it says the store may deduct 40% without a receipt.

This is very unacceptable considering the item doesn't work.

So now I am stuck with something with something that doesn't work or delete 40% from item. Now I'm having a hard time making a complaint because this here section has to be 100 words

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Coupon.

Monetary Loss: $8.

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People lose reciepts all the time,that dont make them a theif,and they shouldnt get treated like one.what happened to satisfying the customer.Someone has got to do something about the way hobby lobby treats customers who dont have a reciept.


In the hobby lobby return policy clearly printed on the back of the receipt, or found by doing a simple google search, it states any item returned without a receipt will be credited or refunded the lowest price from the past 60 days.

to Krystina #1411998

Lowest price, NOT 40% off

to Valica810 #1423528

Lowest price as in if it's gone on sale in the last 60 days you get that sale price back. So your item you were returning may have been 40% off in the last 60 days so you get the 40% off price back. Not the full value.


If you get issued store credit or buy a gift card, make sure the funds are loaded to the card. Twice there has been no funds on a both a gift card and also store credit, saying card has been completed Im out $55!!


The return policy states that items without a receipt can be returned, but at the lowest sale price of the last 60 days. This policy is displayed at every single register. It's a perfectly sensible policy.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #688179

Honestly they cant help it, I work at a craft store and our policy is 60 and the reciet expires and or if you dont have it it goes for the lowest price sold in the last 90 days. the reason for this is because people could just bring an item up to the counter with out a reciet and say" It didnt work for me I want to return it" and they are getting money for an item they didnt buy.

That is why they do this. So dont blame a company for your mistake. It happens all the time.

Your just lucky they told you about it before they rang it up. Sometimes they dont and it *** customers off.

Worthington, Ohio, United States #685673

WHY, WHY, WHY cant people save a little piece of paper? And if they lose it, why is that everybody elses fault?

And then you have to slam the company on the web. Do you think people in retail dont get sick of this behavior? I NEVER return stuff. If I dont need it or cant afford stuff I dont buy it, but I still keep my receipts!

On big ticket items, if it is faulty, you almost always have to go thru the maker AND have proof of purchase. Please be responsible for your actions and quit blaming blamless companys for your unhappiness.


Receipt says lowest price within like a 3 month time period.

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States #666111

The item could have been on sale for 40% off after you bought it, and there wouldn't have had to be a coupon. Also can you prove that the item was faulty at the time of purchase?

Most stores don't refund the full price without a receipt, if the item has went on sale since it was purchased, you don't get full price.

Also there is no way to prove that you didn't use a 40% off coupon. Save your receipts and you won't have this problem.

to anonymous Cleveland, Ohio, United States #666257

Cashier said that was store policy. Any who if you are gonna deduct 40% it NEEDS to be written.

Did a lot of shopping that day and was a gift to someone so somewhere in the 3 days, receipt got lost. Yes next time I will be *** sure save receipt :roll

to valica810 #1511045

Ok, to address the issue of getting the lowest price for the item in the last 60 days... If stores didn't have this policy they would all go bankrupt.

People could buy something on sale, wait for it to go off sale then return it for store credit amount higher than they paid and the store would lose money like crazy. Now where the stores begin to make absolutely no sense to me is when they refuse to do a refund or store credit at all because the customer has no receipt. One, it treats all your customers like thieves. Two, let's say for argument sake the item WAS stolen.

If so then the company lost that money the moment that item walked out the door. Refusing store credit for that item does not bring their money back. It does not magically regain that loss. They are still out the cost of that item.

The only thing that does is *** off a customer. Period. At the end of the day that stolen item will still leave the store and they still had to eat that loss. So why not give your customers the benefit of the doubt and let them return it for credit.

It doesn't cost the company any extra money. That's my 2 cents

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