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Original review posted by user Mar 29

On March 15th of this year I placed a framing order for two large pieces at the Hobby Lobby in Tupelo, MS. Lucky day for me , that was. I got to meet the single most sloth-like, mealy mouthed, inept girl I've ever met. Accuracy is one thing, but this poor girl took so long that I considered that she may have some type of learning disability and maybe I should offer assistance. She was also afraid to make any decision on her own and checked with another worker WAY too many times before proceeding. This experience took absolutely and totally WAY too long.

On Tuesday, March 27th, I begrudgingly entered the store again to pick up my pieces and THERE SHE WAS. She was obviously working on a previously placed order. NO ONE was waiting, mind you. She was just doing her regular work like any other day. There was another girl at the counter, but she actually was helping another customer. I asked for my pieces and she replied, "just one moment." I watched her as she continued her work; placing the brown paper backing, screwing screws, hanging wire, etc... you get the picture. After about 10-12 minutes, I asked her, "are you seriously going to make me wait for you to finish that before you go to the back and get my order?" She shot me an irritated look and headed for the back. Next thing I know she is on the intercom calling for help. Why this young girl could do nothing for herself bewildered me. After waiting even more, a very "happy" man appeared . He asked for my "pink slip" which, of course, I did not have. I mean, who really keeps that stuff, right? Then he asked for my ID.

Finally, they headed to the back to retrieve my order, or so I thought. After some time and some whispering, they returned. It was then that I was told that my pieces were not due until the next day and I could not have them. This bothered me on so many levels. First of all, if they were ready, why could I not have them one day before? I do not live in Tupelo. In fact, I live an hour away, and was only in Tupelo that day for a Doctor's appointment. Then it occurred to me that maybe they hadn't even started working on them at all. Really? My order was due the next day and they hadn't even started? I could not believe what I was hearing and perhaps what bothered me most was the smug look on the mealy mouthed girl.

Oddly, I am the one who left feeling like an *** So now, I will have to make a special one hour drive to Tupelo to get my artwork. Who's to say what will happen next. Will they hold my order hostage because I was not able to get there on the precise day? Will they attach a late pick up fee? Will they require me to sing the first three verses of "Look To The Rainbow"?

I will never have anything framed or matted there again. It should not be such a gut-wrenching, jaw smashing, blood pressure rising event just to get a simple job done and be treated with respect in a timely matter. Sloth-like girl and overly "happy " man, maybe you two should consider work elsewhere or maybe management should encourage you to do so.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

Preferred solution: Hire qualified, intelligent, respectful people..

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