My phone died right in front of the cashier. I had the 40% off coupon pulled up on my phone.

I had just told her my battery is getting ready to die and she wrung up my purchase. Phone died. Do you need the coupon she said I have to see it. I told her I just told you it was about to die.

Went to car to get batterjumper she made me wait two customers to see the coupon. Manager was up there saw what she did and said nothing. I started to verbally complain he said sbd your complaint is. I go to hb daily so I was no stranger.

I had other items in my car from a few days prior I returned everything and refuse to step foot back in that store. Called CSR on the hotline, he was also RUDE. I left a message for his supervisor. Never a return phone call.

It has been two months and really needed items from HB. But NO.

I refuse to go back

So I started going back to rmichaels. BLOOP!

Product or Service Mentioned: Hobby Lobby Cashier.

Monetary Loss: $20.

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Have you ever stopped to think you might be the rude person here?

Burlington, Wyoming, United States #775467
:eek :upset :x The world does NOT revolve around you. Read the signs to know what is on sale during the week, and print coupons instead of relying on your worn out phone. Maybe you're texting too much?
Alachua, Florida, United States #763929

I don't think that's rude.why should others be inconvenienced b c you didn't charge your phone before going in. You are the rude one.you're a VIPbc you shop there every day? Plan ahead

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #760949

YOUR battery died. Thus, YOU are at fault. Not hard to understand, is it??

Chantilly, Virginia, United States #760930

So what is the complaint? With phrases like "Went to car to get batterjumper she made me wait two customers to see the coupon."

and "I started to verbally complain he said sbd your complaint is." It is really hard to tell what you are trying to say. Wait until you sober up and try again.

Glendale, Arizona, United States #760901

I am a hobby lobby cashier. As soon as the customer gets to my register, even before putting out a single item- I have a phone shoved in my face.

They hold up line because they are looking at phone getting coupon and don't see the customer in front of them is gone. 90% of the time after shoving it in my face they have only christmas, which is already 50% off. Nice waste of time pulling it up. So you have a dying phone, expect the cashier to look and memorize the code and ring you up then find your most expensive item to put it on?

Really? You could have easily solved the problem by having you phone charged up, but you blame the cashier. You could have used a few cents worth of ink and printed it at home. But your time must be to valuable.

Or get the Sunday paper coupon, but only educated people buy newspapers. You didn't look at the fine print to see sale items. Why not complain about the signs which are misleading to corporate and help everyone out. No, you'd rather bash a cashier who stands on her feet for hours, has to smile and be courteous even after dealing with very rude people.

I've wrong up customers for 850.00 dollars at a time. Average spending around 300-400 so your amount was not some great, huge amount where red carpet has to be laid out for you. How sad your phone died and you couldn't wait to get home to type out your complaint. ITS YOUR FAULT.....

Take a coupon in and read the 50% off signs. Get a life.

to Anonymous #769766

So agree with the cashier. Why should others be inconvenienced because your phone died.

Get back in line. Those ppl are important too and why should they have to wait for you and your errors

to Anonymous #780373

I feel you, fellow cashier. Had a customer who got pissed off at me and the CSM with me because the CSM told her it was not our problem she didn't charge her phone.

She said she'd complain, but I don't know if she ever did that. Even if she did, it doesn't really matter.

It's just one customer in a million. I'm not planning to let just one person ruin the rest of my day.

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