I love my family , Jesus Christ , and I loved art my entire life !I was told this was a career and I was treated like dirt !

I was under paid , laid off , and threatened by other employees ! I have LOST EVERYTHING ! I was talked down to by new MANAGER - ROBERT and- my frame shop manager - RICHARD. He is an unreliable , problematic manager !

I was treated like dirt and I was a loyal customer and faithful employee .I am sick of problems in COLUMBUS , GEORGIA !Amy - Certified Framer , WHATEVER!

Review about: Hobby Lobby Manager.

Monetary Loss: $20000.


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Waltham, Massachusetts, United States #1227182

For someone who is a "devoted Christian" you sure judge people a lot.


Retail is a *** to work in.

Welcome to the real world.

You have no monetary loss of 20,000, what an insane post.

If they fired you for a crppy attitude it's no surprise to anyone who reads your post.

98% percent of all humanity who make a "career" out of retail service hate their work and by extension hate their life. It flows downward. If we are lucky, it doesn't flow customer ward or your fired.

Did you quit because you didn't like people?

When your done whining, put on your big girl britches and get some real skills, OR practice your Christianity and love unloveable people. Everything about your post squeals naive. EVEN IF you went to school and got real career skills, the managers will claim your ideas, they'll make you work through ice storms and treat you like crp. Sorry, hon.

THIS is life.

Grow up.Love, The real world

Orange, California, United States #928171

Anonymous she may not be six years old here, but calling people names because she cannot argue in a mature way makes her look foolish. Calling people names, not being able to use a proper sentence, not having basic first grade skills makes them appear like they are six years old, okay that poster is not six years old she is mentally retarded if she is an adult and acts this way in real life.

to KevinRichards #928298

Are you seriously correcting someone's grammar?Learn basic punctuation, how to capitalize appropriately and what a run-on sentence is.

You are blasting her for name calling, yet you are calling her "mentally retarded". Are you saying that anyone who you think is exhibiting bad behavior is mentally retarded? Do you even understand the definition? No, of course not.

You are throwing around the word "mature" here as if it implies to your behavior.

I find you comical and not in the "funny ha-ha" way.Isn't it past your bedtime anyway?

to Anonymous #928875

I think it is past your bedtime, why are you defending a hypocrite, if you do not know what that word means go ask mommy. It is kind of nice you are defending your little first grade classmate though.

to KevinRichards #928323

Kevin Richards is already in bed crying about the mean old people on PC.It could be that he is on his secret little brony website talking about his little magic friends.

I knew something was wrong when he said he didn't like pokemon, just didn't figure it meant my little pony was his thing.

He's not a punk, hes a pink - pink pony that is.Even I never saw that one coming.


I had the same issue with management here during my employment at the Wilmington, NC store.I left another job to go to work for Hobby Lobby.

Management treats the employees horrible, I learned from another employee who has been there since the store opened that most people do not make it past their 90 day probation period. I worked there less than two weeks and was let go. Huge mistake on my part giving up my other job which I now regret. Employees at this store are expected to work 8 to 10 hour shifts with only a 30 minute lunch break even though their handbook clearly states they give a 15 minute break for every 4 hours worked this is so not true!

On my very first day there I was yelled at and humiliated in front of customers by a manager while training on the cash register.I can't say that all of their stores are ran this way but this one certainly needs some work in the way management treats their employees.


I doubt you are Christian as you claim and love Jesus Christ, a Christian does not judge other and you are calling Richard. Also since you seem to have problems with not one person but several perhaps the problem is you, so the Christian thing to do would be to face facts.

to Anonymous #857411

Who are you to question her faith?She was stating facts sweetheart.

That's not judging. I've seen plenty of people being treated like garbage at Hobby Lobby. It happens....all day long.

Upper management doesn't care.$$$$$

to Anonymous #857414

She is judging her manager by calling him unreliable and problematic, and since she seems to have a problem with more than one person perhaps she is the problem.

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