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I am handicapped and have a hard time doing a lot of walking and today is the second Hobby Lobby I have been in in the last few weeks and there is no where for a handicapped person to sit if they get too tired to walk, you need benches in different places in your store. Your store is so large.

Also it would help to have at least a couple scooters and all you have is one wheel chair. Do you not want customers who have handicaps in walking not to come in your store? I hope not because I like Hobby Lobby but cannot shop because I cannot walk a lot and either have to sit a lot or use a scooter.

Is that too much to ask of you? All Hobby Lobby stores need these items

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I liked: Diversity in products.

I didn't like: Not having scooters and benches to rest.

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There is no law that states they have to provide scooters or carts. If you have an issue then you need to provide the cart yourself and not expect some store to cater to your very *** whim.


Re- lack of handicapped carts Hobby Lobby spews Christianity — guess they feel this is how Christians treat others— i personally want nothing to do with these kind of Christians!!


I thought you were Christian based and yet no electric carts. I had foot surgery and wanted to shop there but couldn't.

Your store needs electric carts and places to rest.

Not everyone can walk easily..all the time. And some can't walk without those carts..please get some carts...


I've wondered about that myself. I too am disabled and not able to walk very far either.

I'm not only a crafter but a jewelry business owner and get my supplies from both Hobby Lobby and Michael's. Neither store has not one scooter for the customers who have mobility problems. Apparently they don't want our business.

I completely agree that they should atleast have designated places through out the store to rest when we need too. They should be ashamed for treating us this way!


Yes... Agree as I'm one of the newly handicapped people who would love to be able to shop and enjoy my first time there without thinking about my health issues.

With all of that being said , I have been planning to spend a lot of money there to get started on my crafts that I will not be doing since I am disabled. Please H.L.

supervisors give us some consideration in helping to make your business a success. You help us and we'll help you.


I too have the same complaint. They also have no signs telling where things are. You can walk the whole store looking for something.

I am so very sorry that you have a disability, but most people who have disabilities, are prepared when they go on outings ( ie: cane, wheelchair, etc.) While it is very nice that some establishments provide scooters, they are under no obligation to do so...and if they don't provide them it doesn't make them a bad establishment...I applaud you for getting out to different places :) that is so awesome !! Keep it up and don't let nothing stop you from living life :) Be Blessed :)
to Anonymous #1531568

In California it is required by law for a store of a certain size to have motorized carts. I walk with a cane but the lesions on my spinal cord don't allow me to walk long.

Think before you post. It must be real nice to have full use of both your legs then judge disabled people who are only requesting a bench to sit and rest a moment.

Guess what before my Multiple Sclerosis progressed I didn't need a bench either. It really sucks to go from exercising 5 days a week to being unable to walk through a damn store but this is my new reality a bench isn't to much to ask.

to Sherry #1545323

So should they provide blind seeing eye dogs just in case a blind person only brings a cane? Or maybe they should provide a doctor who can perscribe medication so you can shop without pain.

As the previous person has said, YOU must be prepared before you go out, not them. It is nice that they do provide some things but it is your responsibility.

Stop being a socialist. #stopbeingavictim

to Anonymous 2 #1551697

Christ. How about you stop politicizing everything. Let me guess: MAGA fan?

to Anonymous 2 #1601533

Wow....your rude...guess you've never had a problem with your feet or legs. You need a reality slap

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