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I taught painting lessons at Hobby Lobby for 3+ years in Opelika, AL. Because I wrote to the company headquarters in Nov 2011 to ask about the discount policy the manager Carrie and Co manager Earl got extremely angry about it and grilled me for an hour and 45 minutes asking why I did such a thing.

Finally I was crying hysterically and they told me and my students to leave the store and not talk to anyone about what happened. I wrote to management many times about this and they didn't even apologize to me or even respond to me at all except to say the situation was taken care of. I did not do anything wrong yet they treated me like a thief. I have never been so hurt and humiliated in my life.

They did not display any of the Christian principals they pride themselves to be. S Page

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You'll be glad to know carrie no longer has anything over the opelika store. Earl became the manager but he left and went to another store.

We now have an AMAZING manager who actually cares about his employees. He even brought his grill and cooked us all burgers out behind our store. We have become number one in our district.

It's managers like him that makes my Job what it is. I am so happy there!

to Anonymous Saint Paul, Minnesota, United States #1247920

I've worked with the company for over a year now & I had transferred to Woodbury because it was closer to my house. Everyone warned me about the verbal abuse but I didn't listen.

After being there 2 months, the verbal abuse started. My first day there I wore capris because it says in the handbook they are ok. Carrie had told me she wouldn't count it against me. A month later I wore jeans because she okayed it for truck day.

I was running late & I grabbed a pair that had a little tear in it. Carrie told me that if she had to come to me again she would write me up. I said how can you when you told me you weren't going to count capris against me. Carrie's response was nothing.

Two days later she called me into the office & told me she wrote me up for a journal entry that on truck day when I was on the registers, which I wasn't, that my entire butt crack was hanging out for all of Hobby Lobby to see. I asked for proof &I she never showed it to me. I would've known if it was out & full timers were NOT on a register on truck day. Carrie continues to harass & verbally abuse me by lying & saying I don't do my job when my old store manager PRAISES me to her all the time.

She needs to leave. Planting a bug in the break room to hear our lunch or break conversations is not right. Playing favoritism to certain employees is not right.

The Greens need to see what she is like & need to get rid of her or it will continue! It is affecting my heart diesease & my anxeity!

Fresno, California, United States #754707
Further update and closure .....We as a employees were notified that Carrie is no longer with Hobby Lobby...though a loss of a job is something that is to not be joyous about especially during the holiday season....we do appreciate that someone was listening somewhere and ended the "Reign of Terror"....the weight is lifted...the stress that once existed is dead and gone....we look forward to working for our new respectable DM Kurt....Thank you to Ron and Mr. Green for restoring our faith in a company we do enjoy working for...
and to Carrie...The "Golden Rule" is not one to be challenged and....May wherever you go they want you as much as you want them :grin
to Karma #1245713

Carrie is still continuing her reign of terror at the hobby lobby in Woodbury mn. The store has lost dozens of great employees because of her. Fun fact: Her current favorite saying is "things become fact when you believe it" I don't think she understands what fact means...

to Karma Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States #1246560

Carrie's verbal abuse continues at Woodbury, MN. Hobby Lobby!

There has been many GREAT employees that have now left due to her abuse. A few of them have had to see a therapist or take anti - anxiety meds. because of her abuse. I dont know how this women continies to be employeed by a Christian Belief Company.

I don't know how Hobby Lobby thinks its ok for her to continue abusing and herassing her employee. The verbal abuse and discrimination alone.

Here's something to think about.. Carrie has a SINGLE mother going thru a divorce who NEEDS fulltime.

This women is an artist, is GREAT at framing, is GREAT with customers and recieves many compliments from cuatomers. She is also well knowledge in fabric and a quick learner. She has asked for full time Carrie told her that therw was NO OPENINGS. Fabric has now had opening she has put 3 different people there FULLTIME.

One quit because she needed to seek professional mental health counseling and anti anxiety meds after Carries abuse. Another just didnt come back. An Assistant Manager left who was also Art and Hobbies Lead she replaced her with the bookeepers Fiance. NO EXPERIENCE !

He constantly has to ask queations and is horrible with cuatomers..Here you have a qualified Artist, Framer, and Fabric employee that is willing to learn hires the fiance of a bookkeeper. I am saying this is discrimination because she is feom another country and speaks with an accent. THIS IS SUPPOSE TO BE A CHRISTIAN COMPANY.


to Karma Woodbury, Minnesota, United States #1252707

The "reign of terror" lives again in Woodbury MN. I use to love going into work.

I am good at what I do. But now I dread it. My family never knows when I will be home as we never leave on time cuz there is some tasks she wants us to complete but then if we go into overtime we are in trouble. We use to know our tasks, know what needs to be done and how to do it.

Now we go in and question everything and feel ***. If you ask a question, she answers with a question. We earn ppto but never can use it and when we do call in sick are asked "can you make this up" Many of us work while contagious cuz we are scared to call in for fear of talking to Carrie.

It is sad when you can tell she is not in the store because of the calm in the air. There is soooo much more.


While making it seem like human resources is there to address your concerns when a manager cannot, they really are there to avoid lawsuits. That's why they often do nothing. They want to cover up wrongdoing (discrimination, harassmen etc) because they know that most people will just give up.


Update....Carrie lied her way to a promotion to Northern DM (claiming projects were 100% when they were nowhere near)....where she has taking bullying to a higher level...I hope they do an undercover boss in one of her stores especially the Visalia store which she continuously bullies some of the hardest working live it is unreal....if you ever walk any of the stores in her district, it is quite an embarrassment to work for a company who is allowing for such an individual to ruin it's name....Yes Mr. Green, this is a direct challenge for you to restore the faith in your company and really look at the "actions" of your higher management not just what they can make look good on paper or in an email...


I worked there for awhile in Texas. That's what they do.

If you stand up for yourself like I did they cut your hours, treat you like nothing and leave you on the register. HB store are like sheep in wolves clothing. They try to talk the talk but don't walk the walk. Some of the stuff I've seen a lot of people wouldn't believe.

The 3 months leading up to Christmas I don't know how the managers do it working 12-15 hours a day for salary.

Visalia, California, United States #606559

My gosh..I too worked at Hobby Lobby from the day it opened. The pride and joy I felt to work for such a wonderful company was overwhelming.

I loved my job, co workers and even management . But that all ended the day Carrie came into town. She is verbally abusive..rude and lies. No use speaking to Human Resources..what a joke they are.

As for Marty, that too is a joke. He's just there for the bonus. You know the one..the one where they cut YOUR hours so they can get theirs. The ones who deserve full time or advancement get NOTHING.

Its sad they hide behind these Christian values facade.. I think Mr Green still feels in his heart what the store started out to be, but it gets loss along the way. Working in a store where there are people in tears constantly..quitting due to stress..

fearing their management..something has to be wrong. Don't you think?

Visalia, California, United States #606557

I know this manager Carrie you speak of. I personally can tell she is a horrible person.

Has no respect for her employees. Is a liar and is prejudice. But that sad part of it of is that Marty, the district manager turns the other cheek. Does NOTHING to resolve problems or concerns brought up by employees...

but the worse part of it all is that human resources does nothing either. Many of us have written letters to voice our concerns..and no reply.

Isn't that their job.,, to look out for us. All I can say is that as long as the big numbers of revenue are being reported..jesus is forgotten.


Carrie is absolutely horrible. She is a terrible person, not only to work with but also just to be around.

Shes supposed to be a role model, a leader.. she is none of the above.

Hobby lobby, you guys need to for some serious overlooking on this "manager". I can bad mouth her all day, but im going to leave it at that and hope somebody takes charge.

FYI Hobby Lobby resolved this issue by transferring that manager (I use the term loosely) to a store in California where she verbally harasses customers there also. I have personally seen her verbally abuse employees with customers around.

They say this is a Christian company.

You don't see it in their managers. :(

I have been verbally harassed as well, but in a school setting. With indirect comments and direct comments. I know how u feel.


The rule may have changed but teachers use to get 15 % off like the employees

Wow not shure what to say exept ,could they have not told you about your discount? if you worked there that long you should have already knew! :?

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