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It used to be that the retail store Hobby Lobby was all about Customer Service. After my weekend of shopping, I found that not to be the case anymore.

As I kept getting basically snubbed when I was asking questions, I finally asked one of the workers what was going on. They basically told me that the workers get into trouble ie: getting fired, demoted, or written up for talking to customers. Excuse me, but isn't customer service what is keeping the store operational anymore??? I think it is *** shameful to treat your employees that way for simple trying to help customers and increase your business.

I believe the management there had better get their heads out of their a**. As I understand it, even the bigwigs got their *** chewed by customers during a recent quilt show. I understand they left the building because they couldn't take it. It's about time someone let them know they are running their business all wrong.

I believe it was a Mr. Green that used to run Hobby Lobby, and I also believe he would start a severe firing process with the managers if he knew how it was being run today.

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***. Customer service is not talking to customers about the news.

Any skewed views coming from either end of the spectrum could be used against the company.

Are you dumb or just naive? Thin line I guess.


You know, I work at HL and I receive a lot of compliments on my customer service. Not just to my face but the customers will seek out a manager and tell him what a good job I did.

As a result, my manager actively encourages me to keep up the good work. Maybe if more customers reported the good things that happened to them and not solely complaints the employees would be more likely to go beyond the call of duty for you.


I like how people blame the employees in the store for there not being hardly any staff on the sales floor. That is all decided by the maangement staff.

The staff working on the sales floor do not like the fact that they are spread so thin and cannot be better about helping customers, but when your boss is not scheduling hardly anyone to work, you just have to do your best.

Don't blame the employees, blame corporate. They have no idea what it takes to try and get everything done and help customers.


I was never a manager and I know longer work at Hobby Lobby. I used to be a cashier.

Now I am happily married and I work somewhere else. If I WAS a manager. I would schedule more hours and have more people on the floor. I never said I was a manager.

I don't know where you got that idea.

Anyway, have fun shopping at Michael's. I guarantee you'll come across the same problems.


That's just the type of response I was expecting...... maybe I should shop at Michael's or something.

I think you should be finding a job somewhere where you could show a little pride in where you are working. Not to mention, I, as a past manager..... would tell you that if you know you are busy on the weekends, then you should schedule extra hours and have more people on the floor during those hours. No reason to try to play dumb with me, I know and I've been there.

You're just trying to put your incompetence off on someone or something else. Maybe you should try flipping hamburgers or something where you don't have to have any management experience, because you sure have shown me and everyone that reads this, that you have very little if any.


Secret Shopper I'm sorry you had such a bad experience, but what you were told is not exactly correct. We are not supposed to carry on long conversations with customers because that prevents us from helping other customers and also doing our other responsibilities.

It is fine to answer a few questions, but we are not supposed to spend ten or twenty minutes with one person. Many people like to get our opinion on things or even explain how to use a product. That is all fine and good, but I don't always know how to use our products and our opinion really doesn't matter. We aren't experts.

We are just regular people who pick stuff up along the way. It sounds like you were shopping on a Saturday, which is always our busiest day of the week, and we don't always have time to give a lot of one on one time to the customers. There is never enough people on the floor. However, I am not saying that you do any of these things or that the people who do are bad, I'm just letting you know how it is.

Hopefully you get better service in the future. If not, I suppose you can find a Michael's or something.


I completely agree with you! I worked there for about a year, and things quickly went down hill after we got a new district manager.

You wont see my smiling, customer oriented face their anymore! What used to be a fast passed job that you liked coming to work to do turned into a lot of mental anguish. The nature of the job itself was fine, but the ever changing and borderline demeaning policies are really taking its toll on everyone that still works there.

One of the most amazing things i witnessed was when we were told to spend less time talking to customers. If they wanted to know where something was we could quickly escort them there and that was it, RETURN TO WORK IMMEDIATELY. We no longer was to spend any time explaining how to use a product. In their defense that is the only way to get our jobs done when we are spread so then.

Fortunately they told me that I quit one day, and I told them thanks that was a burden lifted! Now I work elsewhere and I don't even have to beg for breaks anymore!

Good luck trying to reach David Green. It appears he is very insulated from the hobby lobby store workers. It doesn't appear that corporate keeps him in the loop regarding how his customers and employees are treated at the Paducah store. They pride themselves on running each store alike I've been told, how unfortunate!

If I really wanted to send a message I would hire an attorney to be sure I wasn't going to get sued for defamation and then post everything i know about the Paducah Store on hobby lobby's Facebook page!

I would encourage everyone with customer service problems to leave detailed feedback about their experience on hobby lobbys facebook page (or at least call the corporate line!

And if you happen to surreptitiously record a manager inside the store going off on employees or customers and upload it to youtube that would be neat! You assume legal responsibility! (depending on the laws are where you live)

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