On Tuesday they had 2 displays racks on the floor with signs on them that they were for sale. I spoke to MOD Juan and he said that I could even purchase them using their coupon. When I went to get it the following day they would not sell it saying they had pulled them and would not honor the sale.

I spoke to customer service who, after talking to the stores DM, said that he pulled them and would not sell it. I asked if this was acceptable customer service especially from a business that claims to be religious minded and was basically told oh well.

If they did not want to sell the displays they should have never offered them for sale. When a customer attempts to buy it, they should not have refused and just sold that one. Good customer service would have been to honor the sale as it was advertised instead of losing a loyal customer and potentially so much more. I think that DM needs some additional service training and should brush up on customer service skills.

I spend thousands of $ that I probably shouldn't at this particular store and will no longer do so. I can buy my craft supplies at Michael's and my fabric at JoAnn's or Hancock's, and my Christmas/birthday/Easter/gift card shopping elsewhere. I'm sure they will take my money. I also just spend a few hundred $ here purchasing for my daughters wedding. What I have not already used, will be returned. The loss of that one shelf by actually getting money for it would be nothing to losing what I spend every year. While I'm sure that losing my money will not bankrupt this location, as the person in the previous post said regarding this company, word of mouth can make or break a store. I work in a company that employs thousands, as a crafter I have many crafter friends, and with the internet, word of mouth is no longer limited.

* shop Michael's

* shop JoAnn's

* shop Hancock's

* shop Jerry's Artarama

* shop anywhere but Hobby Lobby


* Don't work here either. I see a lot of turnover in their employees and that has to say something about what it's like to work there.

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