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I waited in line, with children, while empoyees chatted and laughed and ignored customers.Two checkers, who were anything but efficient, were trying to take care of a line of sixteen people waiting to hand over their cash.

I asked the "manager" if he could help. He said he had called for back up. I asked if he could cashier. He made it clear that it would be beneath him.

Eleven minutes later I left.

There was still no back up.

Horrible customer service.Horrible management.

If you are looking for all items made in China and poor service- the place to go is Hobby Lobby.

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a manager cannot run register if he is the only manager on duty.


There is no store in irvine ca!!!!


I could go on and on about hobby lobby!!!!!!!!!Super bad service.

I could walk around for one hour in that store and not get one person to look at me. The store smells like plastic and I am overcome with made in China merchandise.

I think if a merchant is going to play Christian music in their store then PLEASE don't have merchandise made in China with poor working conditions.Not to mention.........let's support America.

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