I have been reading some of the complaints about this particular store, knowing ALL stores get complaints as it is impossible to make every customer happy especially when they are unhappy BEFORE they walk in the doors.....honestly unless you have owned your own business you have NO idea what a company has to go through just to OFFER products to customers....our whole society is spoiled..period....many people should have to live in Africa or other countries that do not have what we have for just a day including FOOD......NO one is appreciative anymore for anything...we all just want and want and want and I mean NOW.....I wish all stores would close for a whole week and let customers see just how lucky they are that they have the option to be able to even shop....we are lucky that these companies supply us with products to not only to look at for FREE but have the option to buy them and at unbelievable prices....until you are a worker at these stores and daily have to deal with the spoiled attitudes of customers you should be more understanding and not so spoiled....alot of employees are tired of everyones spoiled attitudes......this world is so sad...the devil is taking over more and more EVERYWHERE.....and Also what has happened to the younger generation.....they are the most spoiled of all....what a future we have........they all have attitudes, don't want to work, want a lot of pay for doing nothing, and could care a less about the companies they work for or people in general.....parents should be ashamed for spoiling their kids...ask yourself...does your kid have respect for you........they have NO respect for anyone...they say what they want...do what they want...wear what they want AT WORK......if you are treated rudely, don't forget to look at the age of the person doing it.......we are clearly nearing the end of times......BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE and stop expecting so much....these stores owe you nothing...you owe them for them making products available to you...otherwise you would have nothing......I closed my business for this very reason...NOT because I didn't have business but because it is impossible to make people happy anymore and it was constantly just dragging me down...they don't deserve my services anymore.....

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Burlington, Wyoming, United States #775499

You are absolutely right. People who work for a living all agree with your views.

This seems to be the minority though. :sigh

Albany, Georgia, United States #751541

Amen! Couldn't have said that better myself!

Marina Del Rey, California, United States #697558

I am not one of those employees...I am one of those hard workers..at my job I am exposed to young kids who don't want to work....good luck finding "another person" to take over a job, they are not out there as much as they used to be because the younger generation is spoiled.....as for customers, I am tired of trying to please ones who either have too much time on their hands and dysect everything going on in their lives until it is perfect.or simply cannot be pleased because they are so spoiled and expect way more than they should......there are a lot of those going around....our country is in bad shape because people do not want to work anymore...they want hand outs....retail is MUCH harder these days because there are more idiots out there wanting something for nothing..example.....you can offer 90% discount on something and one of these idiots has the nerve to ask if they can get another 40% off that.....REALLY....why doesn't the store just pay them to take it......

Arlington, Texas, United States #682856

Ridiculous argument. Companies are not innocent victims; they open their doors knowing that each client is unique, and, yes, some will be unhappy.

Your notion that customers should suck it up and just be grateful that we are even getting service, is ludicrous. In a free market, if someone doesn't give me what I am PAYING them to provide, I go to their competitor. I earned my money working hard and dealing with clients that (surprise surprise) expect the same thing out of our company that paying customers expect of any company. Certainly, other countries have it worse, but that's an apples-to-oranges argument.

If someone crashes into your car tomorrow, will you just say, "well, I can't complain, I could be in Africa"? No, you won't. And if you complain to me about your car, I won't tell you, "well it's got a massive dent in the door, and your bumper is gone, but try going without your car for a week you ungrateful, spoiled brat!" And as for tired employees, get over it. If you don't like it, quit.

You get paid to do a job. If you can't do it, I will hire someone else who can.

And I will bet you my hard-earned money, when that tired employee goes to a store to buy something, they won't be willing to shell over their dollars to a store that treats them like ***. It is all circular.

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