Call any hobby lobby and ask them if they carry Chanukah merchandise.When they say no ask why.

You'll be shocked at the indifference or ignorance (depending on the answer) of the employee you ask. Pursue the fantastically dumb answer you get up to corporate and you'll definitely be shocked and awed when you hear about why hobby lobby does not carry ANY Jewish themed merchandise. HINT: Mr Green the owner.

I can't wait for the poor financial results reported at years end because of this ignorant decision of hobby lobby.Of course I'll be to busy shopping at michaels this Chanukah to give a hoot about hobby lobby's declining stock value, but i know I'll make the time to be sure ALL my friends and business associates know how ridiculous and wreckless a CEO can be in his values.


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Texas, United States #889683

Really?Do you have nothing better to do than gripe about things on the internet?

We do actually carry Jewish merchandise, but maybe your prejudice blinded you from being able to see it.#GetALife


Not our fault your a Jew, shop somewhere else...and to "ME" get over it and pay for your own birth control ,not hobby lobby's fault you can't keep your legs closed, ps. Women get treated the way they want to get treated


Hobby lobby wants to swash Womens rights.They are sueing the govenment to take birth control off their insurance plan.Yes they want to do that but refuse to pay women a living wage.If you want women off birth control then you should pay them enough money to support their children.My very large extended family refuse to shop a company that disreguards womens rights,WE COME A LONG WAY BABY

to ME #800152

Check your facts. They are looking to not cover 4 specific types but have no problem with coverage for routine birth control pills. It's this kind of misinformation bopping around the internet that gets people riled up and yelling at employees.

Norcross, Georgia, United States #780100

Actually, you are wrong.And Adrienne2013 is also.

I have bought Chanukah merchandise at BOTH stores.

Even got cards and wrapping paper on post-season discount at Michael's.(also got post-season Chanukah dog-toys at Pet Smart)


Hobby Lobby is a private company, Champ. There are no stockholders. There is no stock price.

Glendale, Arizona, United States #762864

Well sorry to disappoint you but sales were better this year than last.

Colorado Springs, Colorado, United States #743766

Just and FYI Michaels doesnt carry Channukah items either. I went shopping for them today and was told they didn't carry Channukah items.


Ooooo grow up!

I am an atheist and I shop any store if they carry what I need.

You want something jewish then go to an exclusive jewish store.

Apache Junction, Arizona, United States #728361

You just mad because you know the stores owner is Christian.Many stores dont carry jewish items y dont u attack them.

Your just mad because a lot of their merchsndise is Christian. Go somewhere else. I dont go to a jewish market and cry because there are no crucifixes.

U just want something to complain about.Quit playing victim.

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